Arizona Zervas

"Roxanne Arizona Zervas (Gay Parody) - Straight Man"

All for the 'Gram
b*tches love the 'Gram
Oh, wait, sh*t
Brr, brr (Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy)
Brr, brr, brr, ayy
Skrrt skrrt
Ninety four don't need no brakes, yeah

Straight Man, Straight Man
All he wanna do is f*ck me all night
God damn Straight Man
He gonna put a di*k in me but its alright
He put it in my as*h*le he gave me that mayo
He keep running back, though, only 'cause I pay up
Straight Man, Straight Man
All he wanna do is f*ck me all night

Met him at a party in the hills yeah
He just wanna do it for the thrill yeah
Shorty sucked me off like a pop top (Top, Top)
But if I f*ck him on the grass he gon' pop drop
He f*ck me in the ass for so long
He doesn’t f*ck if the roof off
Only wanna smash when the couch out
Only take a pic when my ass out
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