Yung Stakks

"Change Of Heart (Single)"

Even though I told u that I love you had a change of heart
Even though I thought so, found out you wouldn’t loyalty from the start
Even though I know I did some things that prolly kicked it off
It’s certain sh*t you just don’t do when you f*ckin with a boss

I had sum dirt up on my shoulder had to brush it off
I had the monkey on my back I had to shake it off
Taking all these damn drugs swear I damn near lost it
Taking all these damn drugs swear I damn near lost it

Crazy how I leave the house and gotta have my gun on side me
Even though I know I’m God son feel like the devil got me
Fell in love with you when I was young
f*ck what they said about you

By any means go get dat paper that’s all you carеd about
And told em make sho a motherf*ckеr hear about it
Like f*ck the opps
Just go hit they block and spend some round

Switch whips still might say f*ck it and spin around
Nobody really showed me nothing I was out here running wild
Mama couldn't teach me to be a man streets showed me how
Funny how mama was always the one to bond me out
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