Wasted on You lyrics


Morgan Wallen

[Verse 1]
I don't always wake up in the mornin'
Pour myself a strong one
Aw, but when I get lonely I do
Your memory gets burnin'
Lean back on the bourbon
Sure as hell can't keep leanin' on you

Looks like I'm learnin' the hard way again
It's all my fault
Yeah, I dropped the ball
You're gone and I'm gone three sheets to the wind
Thinkin' 'bout all I've wasted on you

All of this time and all of this money
All of the these sorries I don't owe you honey
All of these miles on this Chevy, and prayers in a pew
All them days I spent, wasted on you
Wasted on you

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I swore this one'd be different
My heart wouldn't listen to my head and these boots on my feet
Looks like I'm learning the hard way again
That's why I've been wasted on you
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