Morgan Wallen


[Verse 1]
Jack D, there's a seven on the label
One glass on the living room table
Phone face down, Church up loud
Was tryna drown you out tonight
But first sip, I could feel you on my shoulder
The Tennessee heat had me feelin’ colder
Thought a drink would get you off my mind but

This bottle tastes like 865-409-1021
Yeah, one last time don't think twice
Girl, just pick it up and come over
Give the bedroom door a little closure
I know I told you I wouldn’t call and I tried
But this bottle tastes like 865 (409-1021)
This bottle tastes like 865 (409-1021)

[Verse 2]
You might think I don't really want you with me
You might tell me to empty out my whiskey
Or try changin' what I'm holdin' in my hand
Try another liquor, try another brand
But it don't matter if I got my lips on a different drink on a different night
Yeah, the second that I take a sip all I'm gonna think is
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