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"Peace and Tranquility-A Hat in Time"

When it gets too hard to do it on your own

Welcome back to the no-judgement zone

When it seems that you just can't pick up the slack

Time to take a breath, you really should relax

Life is hard, life is mean and full of stress

Take a breath and you can do your very best

Welcome to where nobody expects a thing

Chill out here among peace and tranquility

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone

No one is around to help

No one stares, no one to judge

You've earned second chances

Release all that tension

In a trance

Swing those arms

You should be dancin'

Unclench the muscles so tight

Take a step back from the fight

Go ahead and rub your eyes

To the beat so synthesized

(repeat song from "Life is hard, life is mean and full of stress")

Welcome back to the no-judgement zone

Clear your mind of everything but breath

And being good at video games

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