SHE BAD lyrics



[Verse 1: C4R50NN]

Yeah, I got with a bad b*tch
And her hairs green just like cabbage
I'm a savage, my last wasn't even average
I just f*cked her last night now shes gone
But she came back for more right after dawn
I was still tired so you know I'm gonna yawn
Woke up and she did the same thing
On my phone I heard a ding
Saying she wants to be just friends
But I don't want this love to end

[Chorus: C4R50NN]

New girl and shes bad
Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad {x5}

[Verse 2: Scarlxrd]

Cancel, f*cking cancel, they move backwards
Bands up, got my bands up, it's a handful (it's a)
Mansion (ayy) overviews the city like the Council
Now look, had to tear this sh*t up like an animal

[Chorus: C4R50NN]
Nеw girl and shes bad
Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad {x5}
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