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[Intro: CXRPSE & GinaSavage]
Drop after drop
You are now tuned intro LxrdAudio

This mission's been too long
Wasted my time in thought
Made a couple bands from a scream song
They were f*cking mad calling me wrong
Legendary switching up for so long
Living legend but I'm too far gone
Every time you were right
You weren't really seeing I was upset next to you
Is it impossible
That we can save this
But its impossible
We just end up in a fight
And you talking on all my life
Messes up my vibe
Ducking all my light
Why you always tripping but you never tell me why?
You don't even try

(? samplе)

And it's all too much
In my skin
It's inside
Nights I pray for my lifeline
It's in pain
In my brain
I can't shakе
It's a mind f*ck once you start
It's a mind f*ck infamy
Rid my mind of innocence
A fractured divide is a broken peace
Broken peace
Is it impossible that we can save this?
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