Humiliatixn. lyrics



Weh the bloodcat do you? Siddung, siddung
Say I
Ayo, Shoki, this goes crazy
Say I, say I
Simo Fre just killed this

[Verse 1]
Spending my time staying focused (Focused)
Emotions evolving my bonus (Yeah)
Had to man up on my goat sh*t (Goat)
If they sending shots, I ain't notice (Doo-doo)
If I send a shot you gon' know it (f*ck)
I think deep when I plot it's important (What?)
Hype you up then they stop the supporting (Yeah)
So I fall back and get to recording (Ah)
f*ck all the love, fame is a drug, I'm going cold Turkey to solve it (Yeah)
Sick of the shove, gimme a push, I'll kill all you n*ggas, no warning (Yeah)
Addicted to lust, I can't get enough, I f*ck on this b*tch if she call me (Yeah, yeah)
Live for above, you wish that you could, thе way that I live is exhausting (f*ck)
Who can out versе me?
Smoking on a pack of you vermin
pus*y, you a stan, not working (Break)
Certified surgeon, open up a n*gga, no curtain
All I see is a lack of hearts burning (pus*y)
I been in the deep end, surfing
You be in the paddle pool, lurking
Stop it, I'll hurt him
You don't wanna see me divergent
My n*ggas really whipping exertion, you ain't that person
I'ma win the war, I'm certain
Sicker with the force I'm wording
Picking on the thoughts, I'm learning
Sipping on some gin, like I'm thirsty
pus*y, you could never outwork me
Really, my sound needs nerfing
Everlasting passion, I'm serving
Holding up the level, carry burdens
Steady staying active with the curses
How many n*ggas am I birthing? Stomach's on hurting (f*ck)

Say I, say I (Say I)
Say I, say I (Say I, woo)

[Verse 2]
This don't even matter, I think fame is just a fake escape (Arf, yeah, yeah)
I'm quick to change my status, I can't feel no pain, I'm too awake (Arf)
I climbed and broke the ladder, I shook hands with snakes, a fair exchange (Arf, break)
Scar's a crazy bast*rd, out his mind and now he's so disarranged (Arf)
Time I spent on hustle, I'm a different n*gga, prone to rage
p*ssed on, on the come up, now it's hard to hold my pride in place
God forbid they run up, I'm so down to throw my life away (Say I)
Sins shine when the sun up, like a puzzle, they gon' find your face (Doo-doo-doo)
Real talk boy, I'm a winner unlike you, I'm a boss so my soul don't break
I'm better than you n*ggas that wanna chase clout and likes on the 'gram all day (pus*y)
Off of the grid, I'm bitter, stacking these figures in silence, I make these play
Wanted to shine like glitter, then I got bored and rid of my diamond chains (Diamond what?)

Got rid of my diamond chains (Say I, f*ck)
Got rid of my diamond chains (Say I, f*ck)
Got rid of my diamond chains (Say I)
Got rid of my diamond chains
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