27. lyrics



Weh di bloodclaat do yuh? Siddung, siddung
Right now I find it hard to think of anything
Would I are gonna have a very serious trouble
Alright, yeah
David wake up
Ayo Shoki, this goes crazy
Wah, move

Don't f*ck around, b*tch, you know that I'm goated
Keep running your mouth till my foot where your throat is
I can't f*ck around with the money I'm growing
Got bags for my enemies, zip it and throw it (Yeah)
Decisions, I make them and then I keep going
I'm instantly wavy, they hate all my motives
It's f*ck how you feeling, I keep on indulging
The sh*t that I'm spilling can't change my emotions
f*ck your feelings, I've been doing what I want
With demons, been winning non stop (Yeah)
Keep achieving, never sleeping, on God
Every seasons, I've been scheming up plots
Try to knock us but the gang too tough (Doo-doo)
n*gga told me point them out and it's on
Put a n*gga in the ground in a box (Yeah)
You're alive cause I kept my mouth shut (Yeah)
Sit front row at the riot armed with a blade with your name on the front (Die)
It's either spit bars or violence, keep thinkin' I'm soft till I slay one (Die, yeah)
Friends that I make keep dying, bullets in the head or they sniffing up dust (Die)
Find it hard to keep sh*t quiet, been all on my mind that I can't die young (Die, no way)
f*ck the 27 club, 100 and up (Woo)
I've made some classics, fam, shut the f*ck up (Shh)
Got some money to get, I'ma double it up
I don't struggle to vent, I'm just talking abrupt (Yeah, yeah)
This a lesson on beating the odds, call it luck
I been seeking the level above all this stuff
Now my ego is willing and crushing the bugs
Had to calm myself down before giving it up (Yeah)
Can't play Scar, he's too hype, better stay up with your head down, do right
Turn my back, you're to a pool side, I ain't even gotta flex, n*gga, I'm too nice (Okay)
Used to cap hard in the booth fight, now a n*gga living how he said he did a few times
If we step through in the moonlight, all my n*ggas dripped in all black DXXMLIFE (Move)
Moving too fast, n*gga, no one can stop me
I did a backflip in all my Versace's (Yeah, yeah)
I blue print the come up and let n*ggas copy
If they bite the hand then the fans get a body, ah
Still got no license for my new Ducati
Pull off the plates and I ride like I robbed it
Got some new steel on my neck, it's Givenchy
Even when I was broke, I was still c*cky
Tryna take my time my n*gga, I just wanna focus (Yeah)
I keep thinking back to times, living messy, almost homeless
I'm too stubborn for a hand out, rather die before they notice
Hide my soul and fake a smile, they'll never know the kid is broken (Move)
It's a miracle I went the other way and got me loaded
I won't share the promises I made to myself in the moment
b*tch, I'm sorry if I snap, I'm not that proud of my emotions
Some days, it's so hard to smile and other days, I feel explosive (Blergh)

Haha, yeah
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