"UMOYA(An Ode to the people)"

Kunjan' we bafethu
As’pheli moya
Kunjan' we masistaz
As'pheli moya
Loba kunzima bafethu
As’pheli moya(X3)

Deep conversations when we talk about life
Lezinja zam' on a daily trana figure it out
Young black and gifted educated with potential
But we,dont have the tools so we die with potential
Igovernment, ayila ndaba labantu bro
Baza kithi kuphela mabefun' ama votes
After that they are gone,for the next 5 years
We never gonna see them no more
This song is not political
But if you coming where I'm coming from its factual
My people (are) living with these pains every single day
They praying for heaven but daily they living in hell
Getting burnt by the bills
Getting burnt by the fees
Getting burnt by the pressure to provide for the meals
If you've never been where I've been
Or seen what I've seen
You'll never understand how it feels

Kunjan’ we bafethu
As’pheli moya
Kunjan' we masistaz
As’pheli moya
Loba kunzima bafethu
As'pheli moya(X3)

Now we got a new president
Congratulations, I hope that he's the man for it
We got a lot to build,I hope he has the strength for it
A chance to fix things, I hope he makes the best of it
Ngoba kublind langaphandle
Lamanje ama gang' asablomile’ makhoneni
Why bez'hlalele ngoba vele ayikh' imsebenz'
Its sad but,thats the struggle sase loxion
I don't wanna be another jita on the corner
I've seen a lot of dreams dying there in the corner
Growing up I used to think that was a place for dropouts
I've seen n*ggas with diplomas sitting on the corners
So you gotta do your best to stay afloat
You gotta rise each and every time you fall
You gotta do whatever it takes to be the man
Ungapheli moya gaz' lam' just make a plan

Kunjan' we bafethu
As'pheli moya
Kunjan' we masistaz
As'pheli moya
Loba kunzima bafethu
As'pheli moya(X3)

Bathi ntwana you good,but you ain't lit enough
You ain't talking about weed , p*$$y and lean enough
Why you always go deep,just do the simple stuff
Cause if you don't, I'm afraid you'll never be big enough
Okay, fair enough,the streets is flaring up
Cause they want that talk, that I dont say enough
I wanna trap I wanna dab I wanna flex too
But I'm thinking about the bills I gotta pay too
And the fees iTyma couldn't afford to
Pay on time thats why I'm spitting these rhymes
I give my life to these rhymes
I put my life on these lines
(I mean)
Its a possibility
That if I dont blow lyrically
I'll prolly be the biggest disappointment in my family
They'll be like ntwana you had a chance to get a degree
But you just chose this rapping thing as your pedigree
I'm still and ordinary rapper,nothing extra about me
I dont really have the cars and the girls you see on TV
But I keep it real cause I rap about things that I see
Like,some of the struggles of my peoples lan' ekasi
I never wanted nothing but my voice to be heard
Ng'phum' eLoxion, there's a couple of things that I never had
I never had the flashy clothes so that I can look cool
But iTyma always paid fees so I go to school
And I took that as a gift, ngayibamba ngesandla ngayilondoloza
Njenge stimela ntwana ng'sa shosholoza
Kodwa lesporo sempilo silama twist and turn
I'm in a class of my wrongs, making mistakes so I learn
Kudala ngiqoqoda ng'zamukungena bengvaleli mnyango
Kodwa I stuck with the plan, mina nga pusha lom'phando
Fede ngiyi heavy weight, itruck e puller ama cargo
Bang'phakamisel' u 7 ekasi, njengo Ronaldo
As'pheli Moya

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