Been ’Bout Bricks lyrics



(Intro: Cresspo Castellano™)

n*gga n*gga!
Cresspo Castellano™
Real Talk!
Holly Ghostellano™
You Know For Real!
Ghost Man!
Yeah! n*gga
Rich Of Bricks Mixtape™

(Verse: Cresspo Castellano™)

Rich Of Bricks Mother f*cker Drug Dealer Set

Ghost Man Post Man n*gga Magnificent

'Bout The Bricks Fene Need Fix From The Six

Keep Pushing Weight Don't Give A f*ck About Your Damn Kids

So We.. Bricks Bricks Bricks Blocking

Snort The Sugar Up Mother f*cker When You Back Dropping
Ahg!! This Is My Jackpot Win On The f*cking Hood

Going Non Stop On These Fenes Like Am Robbin Hood

A Good Girl Gone Bad She's Gone For Good

And I Don't Give A f*ck If Yah Most Of n*ggas Misundetstood

Mе! I Win Like A f*cking Champion G

This Is My Block b*tch Nobody Gonna Challenge Mе

So I Accept The Challenge B
Am Known Globally Ghost Like The Family Tree

Felonies On Enemies Fall To Your Knees

Families Is Overseas Now You Finna Please

b*tches Don't Give A f*ck About Anything But The Piece

Of That f*cking Crack Rock Nino Hit The Jackpot

Stimulated Pupils Dilated Stay High On The Spot

Rich Of Bricks Like A Devil n*gga f*cking Hot
Been 'Bout Bricks b*tch Am Rich Of Bricks

Been 'Bout Bricks b*tch Coming From The Six

Push Weight Get A Fix. Been 'Bout Bricks b*tch Snow White Girl

Been 'Bout Bricks b*tch Whole Wide World

Numbers Gang On The Spot With The Killers

My n*ggas We Gang Gang These b*tches f*cking With Drug Dealers

Not Everybody On Your Circle Is On Your Corner

Not Everybody Who's With You Is Real Fake Personas

Been 'Bout Bricks Crack Rock & Heroine

Appear Like A Ghost Or Zombie On Halloween

Pop Pills Percocets Oxycodone (Down)

Oxycontin Promethazine & Codiene

Bragg Dinero Swagg Dinero Most Of Ya'll Is Quoting
A Legendary Man PerspectiveOf A Drug Dealer

I Got Xanax Been 'Bout Bricks And The Stacks

Been About Bricks My n*gga Always Been On Set

Intash MethCathinone Brings Cash. Been 'Bout Cheese Don't Associate With Rats

Weight Pusher Moving These Weights To These Brats

Contraband Counterfeit Illegal Cigarettes

So It's Been 'Bout Bricks Gang Gang Pack Gatts

So I Always Been On My Grind And That's A Fact

Am A Street Intellect My Bidniz On Internet

I Be Fishing Out Got These Fishes Upon A Net

I Be Dishing Out All These b*tches Licking My Nut Sack

I Always Pull Up With A Full Bottle n*gga Never Half Jack Haah F'seg

Got A Big Belly Not A Six Pack My b*tch's Ass Shaking Like Jelly So I Gotta Flex

Been 'Bout Bricks White Girl And The Sugar

Been 'Bout Bricks Turning Your Girls To Hookers

Stunning Lookers Frank Lucas With Bazookers On Hookers

If It Ain't About The Bricks On Music You Still Book Us
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