Guido Mista lyrics



[Verse 1]
Keep a glick equipped and he a smoker damn that boy love gassin'
I'm a bust it quick and I won't miss cause I'm a damn assassin
Don't approach and ask my name if you don't know it then dont ask me
Leave you bleeding out inside a pool like the end of great gatsby
In a foot race with a V12 ain't no way these boys can pass me
Like to open up the void and leave that f*cker gaping vastly
Talk that sh*t and I'll pull up and beat yo ass f*ckin' badly
He claim he hang out killers but turns out he hangs with Bradleys

[Verse 2]
People see the drugs and fun always think my life is easy
Can't trust sh*t these n*ggas grimey and all of these b*tchеs greasy
Counting so much cheddar that my finger tips arе getting cheesy
Even if I had it all I'd still want more cause b*tch I'm greedy
Shoved my di*k in yo b*tch throat then she came home and called you sweety
Always keep a blade to slit a throat like my last name was Sweeny
I'll put holes into ya hat and make a ski mask out a beanie
John Cena draped all in black just for the lick cause they can't see me

[Verse 3]
f*cking eldery hoes I just went and got some top Gladys
I don't care about you b*tches cause my blicky be the baddest
Obese n*ggas hate me cause they know my pockets be the fattest
Kill ya mom at your funeral and make that sh*t the saddest
Killstreaks and bloodthirstys because I will never satisfied
He made wrong move came to his senses but he still died
I use THC as my oxygen I stay fried
Only when I'm on verge of death I feel alive
All these humans f*ckin pest you f*ckers move like flies
I'm hungry and horny I baked myself a titty pie
I just cut em freshly off of this new lil' cutie pie
Suicide won't work so I'll give this life sh*t a try
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