Rex Orange County

"Rex Orange County - “Pony” Review"

Rex Orange County - "Pony" Review
By: Jentrick Pollywag

On October 25th, Rex Orange County’s long awaited third studio album “Pony” was released. The album was actually pretty good, though I would still give it about a 7 out of 10 (not a 10/10! Sorry that was a bad joke.) The production on this album is clearly much more amazing than any other album or even song in the past. Though Apricot Princess was more jazz-based, while this was more hip-hop and pop based. I also want to make it clear that even though it wasn’t another full-on jazz album, it was still amazing. The one flaw I would give it (and this is relatively major) is the some of the lyrics were lazy, and quite a few of the songs are very bad. This album’s singles made Rex fans pretty confused. In the singles, we got 10/10; a song that isn’t that good, but ended up making an okay introduction to the album. Then, on the Thursday before the album’s release, we got Pluto Projector; a beautiful acoustic song, that breaks into something better. The lyrics are amazing and clearly very meaningful, and it ends with a huge orchestral outro which ends the song ever so perfectly. After that, two days before the official album’s release, we got track four off the album; Face To Face. This song is now one of my top favourite Rex songs of all time just because it’s so upbeat and happy, and the production makes it genuinely satisfying to listen to. For reference, it’s one of those songs you could easily listen to on repeat. Overall, there were still a few bad songs on the album that were lazily done and seemed like filler tracks. There were also a few songs where parts of either instrumentals or the vocals or the general production just don’t work. I feel like despite the bad things I’ve said, Rex Orange County’s “Pony” was overall a pretty good album, and it certainly deserved the hype it initially got

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