"Co x Quad Studios B2 1*"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: YBN Nahmir & Comethazine]
I'm in the trap
Too much bands on the young n*gga, don't even know how to act
Get them racks
Can't go work for nothin', man most of these n*ggas be cappers
Yeah that's all facts
Most of these n*ggas be fake and most these n*ggas be rats
Still shippin' them packs
Know they go for the low, they comin' in where you at (b*tch!)

[Verse 2: Comethazine]
30 round drum to the chest, it's a big AK
Bullet holes [?] through the back (Boom!)
It's a big drum on the MAC, and it hold 150
150 shots, never lack
b*tch, I sleep with the strap, stay strapped up
Gotta' keep the heat [?] push a n*gga back

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