"Su Yung"

[Pre-Chorus: NWM Cee Murdaa]
b*tches call me Murdaa 2x
Come with 15 and it might get you 2 lines
Which one ever touch me, you dyin'
Get that broke ass n*gga killed for a coupon
Movin' big bowls I got two tons
Pull up, hop out and I watch all of you run
Chinese lil' b*tch, I call her Su Yung
Don't want her now, 'cause the b*tch actin' too young

[Chorus: NWM Cee Murdaa]
Walk out of life, f*ck that I gotta run
Try to be faithful, but cheatin' is fun
Run up too fast then I'm uppin' my gun
Play with your pus*y 'cause I ain't the one
Murder two times, you can call me The Don
Hit her two times, text me, I don't respond
Life is a movie that you can't rewind
My car, it transform like a Decepticon

[Verse 1: NWM Cee Murdaa]
I keep a Glock, it's tucked under my jersey
Ain't a [?] boy but these b*tches j*rk me
I'm murdaa murdaa, I still be swervin', purgin', lurkin', lane I be workin'
We at the top, yeah it is what it seems
Grimeyy in the back, got a drake with a beam and
I'm in the passenger, ready to blast at ya
In my [?] trap it's Comethazine
Pull up in a scat, and watch all of y'all die
Goldfish for the opps, then we keepin' too rods
Big chain in my picture, this ain't a collage
And if he go broke, he cashin' my coupons
Dump him off where you want a river, a pond
My granny sell crack, she once sell [?]
I`m jammin` my muul right thi` down in their spine
These hoes come in bunches, they waitin' in line
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