Lyrics from Snippet

Toom on the beat fool!
Hit the double decker bus sided London on front street
This is not that, don't underestimate me
This is not that, don't underestimate me

Hit the double decker bus sided London on front street
If he want beef, chop him up, like some lunch meat
Wherever I be, b*tch the XD with me
Can tell that he a pus*y, no he can't bullsh*t me
Bullsh*t me, stupid, your ass must be
Got it out the mud, It wasn't easy trust me
Got a lot of love for my supporters who love me
Got a lot of stuff, I'm grateful but I need more cheese

b*tch get on your knees and let me hit on the floor, please
When I bust a nut I'm gonna show you the door, leave
Mike Amiri on my ass, Givenchy all on my arm sleeve
Get the baddest of the b*tches, they think I'm so charmin'
Flippin' big haystacks think I might start farmin'
Need at least a hunnid racks or I won't be performin'
Might come back to Amsterdam as soon as I'm done tourin'
Convenient XD, always here for me
b*tch you don't smoke weed, good, that's more for me
Live a GTA lifestyle, mode on story
Invincibility, like I'm cooked on morphine
Don't diss me, pus*y boy come for me
When you get here just knock on the door, please
I'mma come out with some sh*t from the army
This is not that, don't underestimate me
T-This is not that, don't underestimate me
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