Why My iPad Battery Icon Is Yellow (Explained) lyrics


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You are browsing your iPad and noticing that your battery icon on the right corner has turned yellow for some reason.

Is that something you should be worried about? How did this happen?

If your battery icon has turned yellow,, it means your iPad has entered low power mode, which is a relatively new feature for iPads(it was introduced with iPadOS 15).

Why Did my iPad Enter Low Power Mode?

Your iPad can't enter low power mode without your permission. If your iPad battery has started draining fast and dropped to the 20% mark, your iPad will automatically show a pop-up where you can entеr low power mode, which will help you savе battery and make your iPad last longer.

It's recommended if you're not near a charger.

At the 10%, mark iPad will remind you if you declined to enter low power mode. At the 5%, mark iPad will remind you again.

How To Enable/Disable Low Power Mode

If you want to save battery, you can enter low power mode manually. Follow these simple steps.

Open Settings
Click on Battery
Toggle Low Power Mode

If You want to disable low power mode, the same exact guide will help you, but you will have to toggle the low power mode off.

Yellow Battery Icon should disappear and appear in your usual color.
Add Low Power Mode To Control Center

You can make your life a bit easier and add low power mode to the control center, which will help you to manage your iPad's battery a bit better.

Follow these steps to do that:

Open Setting
Control Center
Click on Low Power Mode

Now open up your home screen. From the top right corner, scroll/pull down, and your control center should appear. With one click, you can now enable and disable low power mode for your iPad.

Why Should You Use Low Power Mode?

It's beneficial when you are nowhere near a charger and have essential things to do on your iPad. Finishing essay, or you are almost done with the Candy Crush level you've been stuck on for so long.

It won't really affect iPad performance in any noticeable way. It will lower your brightness a bit if necessary. It will stop the app from refreshing in the background and other small unessential things that you won't even notice.

If you're on iPad Pro, it will lower your refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz. It won't sync iCloud photos and other small sacrifices, but nothing essential.

It will allow using your iPad a bit longer. In the previous iOS, you had to do these things manually the get those extra few minutes of battery life. Now Apple has made everyone's life a bit easier.

Overall it's a helpful feature that can help us monetize our device's battery life. The same feature is also available on iPhones.
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