Year of the Ox


[Verse: Lyricks]
So, if you knew me back in 2003
When I was still skinny and out of school, just loungin' with Pete
Before SoundCloud, it was SoundClick, just scrounging for beats
We'd freestyle for hours, 'til it was time to go eat
I would devour a pizza, open sonic foundry and beast
3 tracks in 40 minutes: mix it, then save it to C:
I got hard drives my team don't know about
I mean, unknown amounts of rap videos I made that they didn't see
If you ask me, then: "Who you think's the greatest MC?"
There's no changin' in me, I would look at you straight and say that it's me
Even people who hated me, they were still able to see
"I f*ckin' hate Rick, but creatively I'm not as crazy as he"
Flash to 2018: we still changin' the speed
YOX is the illest out, and now a whole generation agrees
I'm getting paper for my pen to paper, I'm taking a fee
But you can catch me in a cypher, I'm never afraid of the free
Stylin' on these haters who challenge the team
Who keep claimin' they have all this work that I haven't seen
You stay playin' all these games, runnin' out of the steam
Leavin' you twitchin in front of your web-cams, reroutin' your stream
Man, I don't want fame anymore, I want bigger deposits
I wanna be rappin' at 50 while I sit in an office
Eating chicken and sausage with a fly chick, splitting the crawfish after a massage, makin' money off a track as soon as I drop it
But this song: I just had to address someone
So many people I know sayin': "Rick, you need to say somethin'"
I was on my Facebook, and someone is claimin' that he the best one
Look, this ain't a diss song, that actually made me respect him
I'm just gettin' p*ssed off that they discussin' it this long
'Cuz if the f*ckin' list doesn't have us in it, then it's wrong
I could care less where my dinner is from
I love Kid Trunks, but I'll still put a kid in a trunk
I think that it's time to share with you the mission of mine
As I travel, you see the realism of life, I'm just thinkin': "Damn
I'm just a Jackie Chan, another chink in their mind
But when I kick a rhyme, I switch 'em in a blink of an eye"
You trippin' if you keep thinkin' Rick is just a regular guy
This Rick from the YOX, I'm different with everything that I show to them
If we really tryin' to shake this Asian prefix
Then, why the f*ck we keep placin' ourselves in a Manila folder, then?
f*ck, only Asian rappers, I'm iller than all of them
If you disagree, DM, e-mail or call it in
I'mma murder this summer
Me and John became vertical runners
Climbin' on stage, so you heard of the come up
These artists stay fishin', they got hooks but what they reelin' up?
I don't care if they don't feel us, I don't think that they're real enough
Makin' electronic money like Diplo currently
OX gang been tourin' like crypto-currency, let's go

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