Intro lyrics


Year of the Ox

[Verse 1: JL]
Yeah, let it ensue, I'm letting it stew and then I release it
I been in a bit of mood just gimme a reason
Pick and choose, picked a side to pledge my allegiance
There's two sides to agree with, it's Gemini season

[Verse 2: LYRICKS]
They say that when you can already see its easier to achieve it
Leave the world alone and walk pure like in Ephesians
Had to protect the soul so the angels became the garrisons
Charismatic but only the Devil became my therapist

[Verse 3: JL]
Yeah, telling my tales, I tell 'em it pales in comparison
If you try comparing it to the tales of my parents'
Living the dream when things aren't the norm
I'll live in a dream until things start to distort

[Verse 4: LYRICKS]
A warrior starts with the heart, while you thought it starts with the sword
During this time apart, you forgot what you started this for
You call it an art, but for me it's much more a sport
Last night I had a dream of retiring Mom out the store

[Verse 5: JL]
That was the plan, but their plan was to torch us
Bit at the hands but it was the hands that had forced us
Off of the course 'cause I told 'em it was a short cut
And that's when me and Ricky showed up holding the horns up
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