Gyalis (Remix) lyrics




He told me, he out with his n*ggas
Mm, yeah, there it goes, another lie, I know
I could've had his friends
Like three-four other men, but now
I'm alone in my crib and I regret it
He's tryna, fake like he asleep
Thought I didn't hear him come in, please
I'm like, "Oh, nah", he gotta go
See you again? Oh, no, baby, that's not what I want
You gotta come correct when you next to me
You say that you can handle it, it's hard to believe
Hear moaning on FaceTime like, "Who is thesе b*tches? Is that your best friend that I know?"
Who you said not to worry? I don't
I can play gamеs if you want
Or I should just block you, ain't nothin' gonna stop you from f*ckin' b*tches on the low
You wanting everybody else, I know
And I can't be what you want
I just hear the same story, you can't have me to yourself

I'ma be a, gyalis
The city is my palace, who I'ma choose?
'Cause I want he and he and he
And they love them some me
I ain't the b*tch that you can lie to
I ain't the b*tch you gonna cry to
I ain't the b*tch that you can flaunt online like you been doing right when
I know the timing you on
Go be a gyalis
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