Bass Santana


Ill go crazy
Ill off my self fore’ I ever let another b*tch play me
Codeine got green got percs and a little my baby
I ain’t tryna take no L’s Im a winner like Brady
Crash that whip fo’ I let a hoe drive me crazy
Ill off myself fore’ I let a f*ck n*gga betray me
Got liq’ got pills I don’t f*ck with nobody Im raging
I ain’t tryna play sh*t safe Im tryna stay dangerous
I was up in it like Kurt I was hitting them (hahaha ya)

Ride around town with the Glock 19 in my fingers
f*ck a hoe mean I don’t go on no dates I’m famous
Ive been going through some changes
Ive seen friends turn to strangers
Remember them days I was running them fades like Boosie, Uzi
Now I gotta stay with the strap I ain’t letting them do me
I want you to get to know me
Shoot my shot that’s for Kobe
I don’t need no convincing nah just show me
Actions speak louder than what you told me
A new buss down can’t amount to the time you owe me
I was born to myself imma die all by my lonely
I’m way to lit to be chasing a b*tch
You don’t love me you just faking the sh*t
And my ego ain’t take a hit uh huh
Come my way bae ill take you apart
These strokes is state of the art
Why you even tryna play with my heart
Go crazy
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