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"JT First Day Out"

[Intro: JT, Pee & Yung Miami]
J.T., I-I'm ready for you to come home, man
Okay, Pee
I remember when you first, like, went off on us about making music
We turned out made two whole, like, albums
You know what I'm sayin'?
You done turned hoodrats into some superstars, man
For real, hahahaha

[Verse: JT]
When I was countin' down, these b*tches counted me out (Yeah)
Now I'm back, I got 'em shocked, these b*tches droppin' they mouth (Mouth)
Lil' Runaway, my friend mama helped me out
I don't give a f*ck about no bed, I'll sleep on the couch (Couch)
Now I'm up
But I can write a book about the rainy days (Facts)
I don't gotta throw shade to get a fanbase
I been a real b*tch way before the fed case (Yeah)
Yung Miami held me down, that's a b*tch ace (Period)
And if a b*tch try her, it's a cold case
Get yo ass snatched up like my new waist (Yeah)
Pulled in and out of prison like a drive-thru
Audemars waitin' on me 'cause the time flew (Ice)
I went from boots to khakis to Louis tennis shoes
Sendin' prayers to my people sittin' in the SHU
The blogs, they made me mad, they made me motivated
Yeah, I left the chain gang, b*tch, I graduated
Been the most important b*tch, yeah, I'm celebrated (Yeah)
Lil' baldhead b*tch, still the most hated (Most hated)
b*tch, I'm right on time for the season change (Yeah)
Y'all hoes real salty, b*tch, it's seasons change (Yeah)
Might make my side n*gga cop me a Range
And put it up for my b*tch, she got the best brain
Pull up by myself, Miss Pearly don't need no army, b*tch (Yeah)
I ain't got no love for these n*ggas, I ain't Barney, b*tch
Embarrass a b*tch on stage, I'm on some Maury sh*t
Any b*tch in my way, you gon' be sorry, b*tch
I wish I would let one of you hoes try me
I'll be back in khakis, blue shoes, walkin' through R&D
How y'all gon' end City Girls when y'all ain't half of me?
Don't play with Yung Miami, ho, that's the other half of me
Had the whole world waitin' on me like I'm a virgin
So it's time to pop this cherry (This cherry), get this pus*y workin' (Ayy)
New Rolls Royce, in the back it was a Birkin
Now that City Girls sh*t, b*tch, that's for certain (Period)
This really my first day out, I ain't wait a day
Ate that time up like it's cake, JT Anna Mae
Two bad b*tches and they kissin' in the Wraith
Kissin'-kissin' in the Wraith
Kissin'-kissin' in the Wraith
Went in the same day Drake dropped "In My Feelings"
I was in prison on my bunk, really in my feelings (Facts)
Now I'm back to the millions, b*tches in they feelings
I was in grays playing spades, Miami making children
But we ain't killin' blessings just to please the public (Nah)
So when y'all say, "City Girls over," just change the subject (How you know?)
Y'all hoes always bringing up old sh*t (Damn)
Go get a sugar daddy, suck a old di*k (Get some old di*k)
b*tches get exposed everyday
But I'm from Dade, I'ma do it anyway (I don't care)
If I wasn't who I was, they wouldn't f*ck with me
But I am who I am, and y'all can't f*ck with me (Yeah)
Went platinum on my bunk, sis can't come for me (What's up?)
Like a ten-minute move, you better run for me
I did my time like a G
Man, motherf*ck the B-O-P (Man, f*ck the B-O-P)
Man, motherf*ck L-P (f*ck 'em)
I keep some fours that'll match your I.D
Y'all hoes want smoke, bring a match (Match, let's go)
Left prison with a pimple, not a scratch (Scratch)
Point, blank, period, won't see me back
Unless I'm pullin' up just to see Max (Ow)
Oh, and one more thing before I go
How y'all gon say a made b*tch was pregnant from a C.O.?
I don't f*ck with cops or blockers, you b*tches slow
Stop with all the rumors, and tell your n*gga I'm home
And it's on

[Outro: Yung Miami]
You b*tches could never

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