Marlon Craft

"Look Alive Freestyle"

I don’t give a f*ck, no
I’m about to talk my sh*t now
Tell the whole industry that I’mma need a sit-down
Swear it’s like the loyalty just don’t even exist now
Shifter, can you hear me now? Guy, I work for Sprint, now
Me, I’m for the art I guard, the painting they can’t post of me
I just go and get it son, I don’t believe in “hopefully”
Last hope for the city since Porzingis went and blown a knee
Call me said that they gon’ give the throne to me
Hold up, hold up, now
You should simmer down, you don’t want the smoke, homie
Let’s just ask the people, you don’t really want the vote, homie
I critique these rappers but you should watch your lips, homie
It’s different when I say it, don’t you talk about my kids, homie
I’m what happens when a savage meets a gentleman
Beat up every beat to get a taste of this old medicine
Live this sh*t; if I’m breathin’, I flow
I ain’t never really had to scheme for the dough
All around the world they believe in it though
I be livin’ all the sh*t they be dreamin’ at home
Like woah woah woah, get a load of this guy
Talkin’ bout their third, I feel like I got a sixth eye
Ya’ll be talkin’ money while we livin’ in a country where we keep lettin’ the kids die so gun companies get by
Got you on the rope but dope I’m comin’ for their necks
How much sh*t I gotta kill before you give me my respect?
If I paid a publicist and I was on a major label I’d already be so famous you wouldn’t even get a text
This my confidence level and right now I’m in debt
Imagine when I get a check, you gon’ have to f*ckin’ kill me
You don’t have to f*ckin’ feel me, you just have to keep it quiet
‘Fore you run into the real me and you have to see a riot
I ain’t tough but all these pus*y rappers make me look it though
Kings don’t only play the corner sh*t, that’s where the rook is, bro
Where I’s from, sh*t, if you talked about it, had to be about it
Or they’ll catch you on that A-train and they’ll see about it, yeah
Look alive, look alive, all these rappers runnin’ high
We don’t believe all the lies, homie, c*ckiness ain’t pride
Look alive, look alive, it’s about to be my time
When I’m finished, you gon’ wish you looked alive

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