Marlon Craft

"Shook Ones Freestyle"

To all the killas and the hundred-dolla billas
And um, college kids and soccer moms and whoever the f*ck else
Yo I ain’t backin’ down for nothin’, I ain’t got no post-game
But if she wanna post game, man, I’m so game
Ain’t lookin’ for wifey though so I respect you actin’ proud
But just expect to stay a Miss, like when Shaq gets fouled
Lotta people’s doubts, wish they could retract ‘em now
Cause all my ex-opponents know my rhymes are a factor now
Yo some sh*t about to happen now
I’m heir to the throne like Bron’s son, so I’m takin’ action now
Cause dudes frontin’ like they ballin’ but be hackin’, that’s foul
I’m callin' technicals, cause if you wanna get technical with this rappin’ sh*t they couldn’t hang more than my testicles in an ice-infested pool in a vestibule in Antarctica that no working heating unit is central to
If all this fake sh*t in the mouths of these dentured dudes impresses you then sh*t, well, let me show you my dreams
Plot to get rich off bars, it’s a rhyme scheme
But I don’t prioritize the revenue cause paper’s fragile, ask every piece that I put my pencil to and bodied
sh*t, I ain’t tryin’ be indentured to the censored few who controllin’ incentives cause they cents-less too
Yeah, so I dare you call me a college rapper
I demolish rappers til’ they don’t call ‘em rappers
Word to Hov, I take shots ‘til they call ‘em actors
The night falls and I take shots til I’m fallin’ backwards
But never sloppy man, hear what I’m sayin’ properly
Told me there ain’t much room in this game, well no sh*take
But I’m probly like top 3 under 25 when I drop these lyrical [?] cause when I start to spit all the cops cease
What you thought it was? It’s Crafty
I’m emotionally damaged I just hope it ain’t irreparable
I ain’t seein’ clearly so I’m bout to make a spectacle
Everybody see me and askin’ me “Yo, what’s next for you?”
But I’m just tryna figure what’s best to do just to get me through the [/] of strife that grow in my path and it seems to be rooted in the woe of my past
And I ain’t got no problem tellin’ someone so kiss my ass
Cause they ain’t never put not one toe in my grass
And I ain’t never had to shoulder none of y’all weight
See, when the shoe’s on the other foot, well, it get pretty hard to walk straight
Especially here at our place where corpes rate takin’ second place to what’s corporate
I’m just tryna paint a picture of our portrait
Like why she only text all the sh*t she won’t say to your face?
Why everyone swallow up what the dominant portrays?
Why dudes get knocked? Cause nobody showed ‘em the doorway
Like why there ain’t good schools where the poor stay?
Why they don’t stop and frisk Matthew like they do Jorge?
Why on the radio all the bullsh*t get more play?
Say you don’t give a f*ck I pray you instate a foreplay
Cause sh*t gettin’ hectic you need to know
Like when Kendrick dropped that verse, now it’s all about Control
They tryin’ take us over, I ain’t talkin’ bout what Hova did to the owners of this beat
Man, I’m talkin’ bout systems covert
And I’m tellin’ you it ain’t over
And all these fake-ass rappers better look over they shoulder

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