Marlon Craft

"Alphabet Craftstyle"

I’m bout to give ya the whole alphabet on this Alchemist, check
It’s the articulate assassin
Better bars beheadin squads
Castratin corny cats constantly cookin captions
Devourin dummies daily diminishin all distractions
Educatin electorates eloquence is emphatic
Facilitatin the facts that fantastically fateful factions of fans fed up with f*ckboy fads and façade fashions
God I’m a G, I guess guys guess I’m goofy cause they girls wanna do me
Give game, make it gooey, grab her mane like I’m Gucci
Haters hopin for a hoe holla Hell’s Kitchen, hella high volume cause that’s my home
They itchin’ to intimidate me, it’s improbable
My impetus to infinitely implement the impossible, yeah
My dad Jason jam jazz for a job and now it’s my kingdom kickin rhymes til I knock Listen I’ll be lost in loose leaf livin loosely til I’m loopy
Live in the land of lies and guess that’s where you lose me
It’s Marlon makin’ magic, movin’ masses like ministers
Neutralizin naysayers navigatin New York
Opposin oligarchy like you ought til I’m obsolete
Professin passion plausibly
Polished prodigy
Question quotas they kill kings and queens with quickness
Quality rappers resonate they’d rather rhyme of riches
Superheroes turn superficial
Symptoms of a system slated to sell the simple, sedate suckas wit scriptures
Too many talk tough til it’s time for task
Use the unimportant, undermine the vast vacillatin’ for the validation so we victims
Wishin for when winnin wasn’t why we walked amongst the wicked
And X marks the spot for xenophobia
Yankees yellin while the world yawn as we Yoda bruh
I’m zen but never zin won’t be a zombie til they zap me
Gave you the alphabet now tell me who can outrap me
It’s Craft

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