Marlon Craft

"Back To School (The Intro)"

[Audio Clip from J. Cole interview]
“I wanted to do music. So school was just like… in my eyes, school was just like the temporary thing that I was doin while I was chasin the dream.”

Back to school again
That means back to actin like a fool again
The summer sun shines bright but my thoughts more Nubian
Been drinkin way more since I put down the doobie
And I’d rather stay home than to move again
Cause every time I’m in foreign waters I get blue again
And I prefer my old to my newer friends
But I ‘m promisin myself that I’ll be focused on music and I’ll do it then
This summer I been bullsh*ttin and it’s the end of it now
Got a chick that wanna be more intimate now
But I ain't tryna feel sentiment now
My guard is still up and I ain't lettin it down
I ain't regrettin it now but I probably will later
For now I’m sorry for any girl that think I probably will date her
Provide food for thought though but I ain't nobody’s waiter
But if she catch it like Marston then I probably will cater, get it?
Though I talk in jest, I’m often stressed and I ain’t havin often sex
My thoughts a mess and I ain't one for pompousness
But feel like school ain't for me cause I’m just more complex, word
My little sister gettin older so I really get to know her
I just hope I get to show her how to grow up but I been mentally breakin down on some days
Tryna be a role model but can’t find my runway
So in some ways, guess it’s best to go
Otherwise my independence never gets to grow
Plus I’ve earned scholarships and for the rest, pops is comin out of pocket
It’s only right, I’ll be a man and honor it
But I ain't like a lot of kids who go to college and come back a little fatter like a bottom lip cause they was just partyin and wildin all the time
I wish it were that simple but a lot is on my mind
But I’mma get mine this year
I’mma party, I’mma have a good time this year
In classes I care about, I’mma grind this year
And make sure everybody know that I can rhyme this year
Cause it feels like I’m runnin outta time this year

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