Marlon Craft

"Can’t Stop Me"

(Nothing's gonna stop, nothing’s gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me)
This that head-bob music right here, boy
Yo, pay the f*ck attention man

[Verse 1]
Five to this muhf*cka
Hands high, get live to this muhf*cka
Cause they tellin lies in this muhf*cka
sh*t, but I won't forfeit, my hood is on my back like it ain’t cold enough for it
Hell's Kitchen, mission is one of possibility
So solely material success don't appeal to me
Since I started rappin for the hell of it, why would I give a f*ck if I only sell a bit?
But incidentally I'm exponentially ahead of these enemies of the real
So they dreadin these deadly flows that ain't no rapper safe from, even those with longevity
Cause I'm on the hills, like Beverly
So why would I listen to what you tellin me?
I'll school all those whose thought process elementary
My team way stronger than yours so no wonder you be upsettin me
But I'm tryin not to let it get to me cause

(Nothing’s gonna stop, nothing’s gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me)
Like you could try to stop me, I mean like you could conceive of it but, nah

[Verse 2]
I’m sporadically scholastic
Passively active, galactically out of this world wit a stunning vernacular
It's spectacular, young bachelor
And hey now, I'm a rockstar so she either givin mouth or I'm smashin her
And do I ride for my dogs? No Shih Tzu
But we more like pitbulls, more like them dudes who bend rules and get rude
So when we enter venues dudes egos shrink like that person that you vent to

(Nothing’s gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop, nothing's gonna stop me)
Yo man like I don't get it, like what, what don't you understand?
Like I don't give a f*ck bro, like there's no challenge you can, like, nah

[Verse 3]
Spit crack like a pipe now
Hoes get pipe now and dudes get piped down
White chow, but I'm white hot on the mic now
And these dudes ain't warmed up so they tight now
Not the bottom but I started from the medium
I'm headed to the top though, yall more like the median
Dudes who said that I was average like, “I ain't mean that”
Do you hear the range that he has? Man, he raps
So he's back with the bullsh*t
Like D. Rose's knee, hoes'll be jockin on cause my poetry
And the foes'll be approachin me like “Woah is me, Craft, we knew your flow was deep”
Yeah right, yall ain't notice me
But f*ck yall apologies, I don't need a co-sign, f*ck trigonometry
I'll do this on my own til my sh*t is undeniable
And if you on the fence about me, sh*t then I'll decide for you

And that's it man, I'm done
I had to give talkin sh*t a try
How'd I do?

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