Marlon Craft

"Wanderlust (Relapse)"

[Verse 1: Marlon Craft]
I’m starin at an empty glass
Knowin that for tonight it should be my last
But alas, I pour another drink to forget my past
I’m tryna relieve it man, I ain’t tryna relive it
As it is, the problems of the present got me livid
Man, f*ck this sh*t
I’m always cursin cause I can’t explain witout bein explicit
The world that we live in is twisted and I’m anxiety-prone
So girls be eyein me at parties but I be tryna be home
Cause I’m tired, man I’m so f*ckin tired
I’m nauseous and exhausted and my head aches and my eyes hurt
Feel like I’mma throw up if I don’t cry first
They ask how you doin so every conversation begins with a lie first
In college, so my friends think I’m makin it
Little do they know I’m fakin it on some complacent sh*t
Difficult is easy, I have trouble with the basic sh*t
And my skills higher than normal like someone laced the sh*ts
But still, still, look at me
sh*t, playin by the rules of a system I don’t agree with
And I ain’t elitist, defeatist so supercilious
I just don’t have time for sh*t that I don’t believe in
But I gotta remind myself there’s bigger problems
Corporations and those with rich pockets in pockets of the government
So institutions corrupted and my homies and their cousins face the brunt of it
And yet, still gotta keep perspective
Cause overseas people ain't free or kids play with bombs, what the f*ck is a Wii?
But that ain't we, thankfully
So I gotta balance between bein hateful and bein grateful
See, that’s a hell of a paradox it leaves me impaired a lot
I swear I have the rarest thoughts
Analyze everything, ignorance a trance that I’m never in
Think with the fragility of a tantalized veteran
And that’s the place that my head is in
As I worry bout the direction that I’m headed in
I’m gifted and cursed, but I feel like my best gift is this verse
So I’mma spit until I’m lift in my hearse

[Hook: Evan Crommett]
It’s time to keep movin on, got that wanderlust
Keep new stone at each stone, got that wanderlust
Wanderlust, oh, woah
Wanderlust, woah
Keep movin on to the beat of the song, to the beat
Keep movin on, take a new step every day
Take a, take a new step every day
Take a, take a new step every day
Keep, keep movin along
Feel, feel the beat of the song
Let the wanderlust pull you
Feel it in your bones, feel it in your bones
Feel it in your body, feel it in your body

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