D Smoke


[Intro: KIRBY]
And the master was the slave
The killer was the victim
And man was God

[Verse 1: KIRBY]
My nose wide as the Red Sea (Red Sea)
Lips full, fillers don't fill me (Fill me)
Soon as my cousin killer's on trial (Woah)
Then they gon' pull 'em to the courtside
Godsend they say, we singing la-la-la
Don't want no vultures on our si-i-ide
Looking black as the messi-i-iah
I got time

[Chorus: KIRBY]
We got superpowers (Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai)
We got superpowers (Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai)
Eh, everyone else cannot forget that
We got superpowers (Ai, ai)
We got superpowers (Ai, ai)

[Verse 2: D Smoke]
They say, "How we'd get so fly without the wings?"
(Without the wings)
Baby, childs can see the light in darker things (Darker things)
Wait, wait, now they see our magic
Proudly we imagine days
When they can't frown upon our fabric, barb and weave
Been dodging thieves and stolen culture
I believe in poaching vultures
I believe in open ocean trips
No ship, I'll backstroke from one coast to coast
Like Aquaman
Got mind control over the lava lamp
That's why my pen leaves fire
I'll retire when my father can
Look up in the sky and see me cloud sitting
It's a bird, it's a plane, know this power living
I kicked a rainbow yesterday, it let out sour Skittles
I bet Trayvon up in heaven like, "These my kind of riddles"
Armadillo, armor thick got bulletproof karma
'Cause I'm innocent of all that they accused me of (Uh)
Superheroes and she-roes
With POs accusing us of moving kilos
Still always moving love, super good
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