[Loski] Plugged In Freestyle lyrics


Fumez The Engineer

Yeah, you know the ting, Loose, back out
Fumez The Engineer (Muh), Plugged In (Muh)
Yeah, 'ski them live
Ay 3lack, what the hell man?
Of course they're live, always (Muh)
Let's go, let's go
Ay, come outside man
Free the CR's

Who's that? Ay, broski spin it (Get it)
Xzibit, pimp that ride (Muh)
JBandz ain't stepped since he got bined (Ha)
**** ain't stepped since he got bined (Ha)
M24 raps, but no one believes it (Chatty)
He got 7, man, it should've been 9 (9)
**** got it, said that he didn't
All of his friends think that that's fine (Jokers)
Look, don't get gassed on a Plugged In
Ski-bun skin, and then you get plugged out (Muh-muh)
James Bond ain't from MI5
That's KuKu, drillers them 'bout (KuKu)
They need to let grandad out (Free him up)
Why you think he roll with the stick like Ralph? (Muh)
Loose in the flesh, I mean it
We see them man really get wild (What's good)
**** don't step, he's a go-go (Patty)
And the wettest in South is Bo Bo (Patty)
This .9 really sings like Kojo
I do bro if he act like **** (Muh)
.22 shoot sh*t like Ksoo (Muh)
G-Locks, big jeans, and rain coats
SK is like JME
Right now, we need us a Draco (Draco)
If I ever go broke like **** (Ha)
I think I might take my life (Bruck)
And if I ever get done like **** (Jokeman)
Of course, I'ma f*ckin' slide (Ski)
Guy's inside 'cah they're f*ckin' live (Ski)
Hop out, jump off, let that fly (Ski)
Run with your uh-uh, where's your pride?
Leng ones start see me, get shy (Leng, leng)
**** saw JBandz got bined (Baow)
Do it on anyone's block
Party **** got got
Gyal said "Stop"
**** in the flesh?
That yute's f*cking washed
Skis and mops
Ski's demon pop doors
Really tryna send them off, send them up
She don't wanna ****
Said she wanna f*ck with tugs
Look, run a boy down, I'm tired (Run him)
But I can't stop, gotta catch him (Let's go)
Killy then, wrap it
Let that beng like Skilli
Racks on my lawyer, no magic
Loose, I'm Hazard
Drippiest driller alive
Talk 'bout bands, I rack it
Hold it, tap it
Doin' his baby mum
Surely, she don't rate JaySlapIt
Shoulda called it "Shotties "R" Us"
f*ck, how the other side still bruck?
Slide through, tryna send them up
But them boy got too much luck
And if a gyal play any opp music
Kick out the car, we don't do that stuff (Get out, get out)
Man hop off the bike, don't do drive-by
We ain't into no movie stunts (No, no)
Had shotties that's long like Gorz (Long one)
Got a broom, ain't doin' no chores (Muh)
Big Ski like Risky, of course
Miss me with mix please, get bored
Cute like check the .44, was short (Leng, leng)
Pull up on gyal, yo, yo, she gorg'
Broski said he love bands and more
I was inside when Miz made war
Fashion driller, Amiri killer
Only right that I give them rips (Tsh-tsh)
Try run up got tripped (Tsh)
Won't do better in them D-Square drip
Just spent 7 quid in Sauce UK
Free Smarko, tryna sauce them pricks
G9, SK, who got it? (Who got it?)
Ski-ski said "He loves them things" (Loved it, ugh)
[Outro: Fumez The Engineer]
Fumez The Engineer
Now, the season is over
Now, it's done
Properly, officially
No more pranks, we're done know
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