RBL Posse

"Herm-Outro (The Message)"

This is Herm Louis being intelligent, being original
And I am communicating, cooperating, socializing and recognizing RBL Posse for the '94
Every Bay Area community have been affected by stupidity and gang violence
And we want to avoid this stupidity in the future
Brothers concentrate on what's important, by any means necessary stack some G's and be in it to win it
Young brothers establishing positive reputation avoid negativity and stupidity, have faith in God, continue to progress, be responsible for the direction of your life and appreciate knowledge and freedom

Check this out, everyone want respect in this Bay Area communities, so realizing in self the consequences and repercussions when you disrespect the next individual
My objective is to motivate and inspire young brothers and sisters to accomplish positive expectations and meet the challenges of this corrupted society with positive communication
Black power with much love and peace for the '94...

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