Speech at Brown University by George Lincoln Rockwell
Sketches by Boz illustrative of everyday life and every-day people (Chap. 4.8) by Charles Dickens
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman's Letter 2015 by Warren Buffett
2014 Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffett
Ulysses (Chap. 18 - Penelope) by James Joyce
Letter to Shareholders 2013 by Warren Buffett
Q's Posts - 4chan & 8chan by Q / Q Anon / Q Clearance Patriot
THE MARX-ENGELS READER (Chap. II) by Robert C. Tucker
The Marx-Engels Reader ( Chap. 2 ) by Robert C. Tucker
The Marx Engels Reader ( Chapter 2 ) by Robert C. Tucker
Bogdan DAnilo by Robert C. Tucker
Chap 2.58 by Robert C. Tucker
2018 haywoodindahood Listening Log by Gerald Haywood
2015 College Essay Peer Editing by Mr. Varnell
Letter to Shareholders 2015 by Warren Buffett
The Marx-Engels Reader (Chap. 2.5: "Capital, Volume One") by Robert C. Tucker
Letter To Shareholders 2012 by Warren Buffett
Conceited vs Dumbfoundead by Timothy DelaGhetto
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 1.8) by James Joyce
The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dit Dot Dot Dash) by Gil Scott-Heron
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 1.6) by James Joyce
Kaddish by Allen Ginsberg
Remarks by President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China After Bilateral Meeting by Barack Obama
Moonrise Kingdom Scene 8 by Wes Anderson
13 by Emily Dickinson
Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department by United States Department of Justice
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 2.2) by James Joyce
Three Guineas (Chap. 1) by Virginia Woolf
The Marx-Engels Reader (Chapter II) by Robert C. Tucker
Episode 9: To Be Suspected by Serial Podcast
"Language-games" from Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Peer Edited College Application Essays by Mr. Varnell
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 3.1) by James Joyce
The Antichrist (Full Text) by Friedrich Nietzsche
Rolling Stone Interview (10/25/93) by Kurt Cobain
Episode 10: The Best Defense is a Good Defense by Serial Podcast
Expropriation of the Agricultural Population from the Land (Chap. 1.27) by Karl Marx
MusiCares Person of the Year Speech by Bob Dylan
Episode 5: Route Talk by Serial Podcast
Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
Escape from Czarkham Asylum by Inspectah Deck
Background by Ruby Ibarra
The Passion of Ruckus by The Boondocks
Top 9 BEST Rap Songs of 2014 by Rap Critic
Starcrossed, and subsequently, a door is opened by Billy Corgan
Sentimental Education (Chap. 7) by Gustave Flaubert
Song of Myself (original 1855 version) by Walt Whitman
Auditorium - Genius Users Cypher by Madlib
Papoose Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #076 by Funkmaster Flex
In the Heart of the Heart of the Country by William Gass
Ain't No Nigga (Rae & Christian Mix) by JAY-Z
Ain't No Nigga (Original Radio Edit) by JAY-Z
Team COB by Iceman
I Shall Be Free by John Hammond
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