Big Bootie Mix, Volume 13 (Track List) by Two Friends
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde
2018 haywoodindahood Listening Log by Gerald Haywood
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 2.3) by James Joyce
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 3.1) by James Joyce
An Ideal Husband (Act 4) by Oscar Wilde
Inception: The Shore of Your Subconscious by Christopher Nolan
The Poetaster Act 5. Scene 1 by Ben Jonson
Epicœne ~ Act 5. Scene 1 by Ben Jonson
Finnegans Wake (Chap. 1.3) by James Joyce
The Great Gatsby (Chapter IV) by F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby (Chapter IV)” by Mr. Allen
Ms. T U.S. Lit. P4 // The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 by F. Scott Fitzgerald
New Music Friday 11/16/18 by Spotify
HYPOCRALYPSE by Brian Michael McCormick
Lady Windermere's Fan (Act 2) by Oscar Wilde
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