MC Hammer Lyrics

The Missing D.R. Files (2007)

Look Look Look (2006)

Active Duty (2001)

Inside Out (2000)

Too Tight (1996)

Inside Out (1995)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1990)

We're All In The Same Gang (1990)

Wild & Loose (1989)

Take It To The Floor

Other Songs

2 Legit 2 Quit
Addams Groove
Better Run Run
Black Is Black
Break 'Em Off Somethin' Proper
Brothers Vs. Brothers
Cold Go M.C. Hammer
Crime Story
Dancin' Machine
Do Not Pass Me By
Feel My Power
For The Love Of You
Gaining Momentum
Goin' Up Yonder
Have You Seen Her
He Keeps Doing Great Things for Me
Help Lord (Won't You Come?)
Help the Children
Here Comes the Hammer
I Can Make It Better
I Can't Watch This
I Can't Watch This
Intro: Turn This Mother Out
It's All Good
It's Gone
Juicy Gotcha Krazy
Let's Get It Started
Living in a World Like This
Love Me Just For Me
MC Hammer
On Your Face
One Mo' Time
Pleasure Ellis: True Story
Pump It Up (Here's the News)
Pumps and a Bump
Riding and Surviving
Ring 'Em
She's Soft and Wet
Sleepin' On A Master Plan
So Long
Somethin Bout the Goldie in Me
Son Of The King
Straight To My Feet
That's What I Said
The Funky Headhunter
The Song Continues On
They Put Me in the Mix
They Put Me in the Mix (Edit)
This is What We Do
To Da Break of Dawn
Too Late Playa
Too Tight
Turn This Mutha Out (Edit)
U Can't Touch This
Wanna Be The Man
We're All in the Same Gang
What Happened to Our Hood
Yo!! Sweetness
You're Being Served
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