Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics

Kevlar (2019)

Premeditated (2017)

Bullet Maker (2016)

The Chicken Hill Project (2016)

The Gas Station, Vol. 2 (2014)

Boiling Point: K.O.D. Collection (2012)

Orca (2012)


The Opera/Angels and Demons (2011)

The Gas Station (2010)

Contagious Mixtape Vol. 1 (2009)

Starters In The Game (2008)

The Fixxx (2007)

Appearances: Book 1 (2002)

Book III (2002)

The Virus (2001)

Snake Eyes (2000)

If These Walls Could Talk (1999)

Mob Tales (Compilation) (1999)

Pray 4 Me (1997)

Rapmasters: From tha Priority Vaults, Vol. 5 (1996)


Nigga Deep

Setrip'n Bloccstyle

Setrippin' Bloccstyle

Settripin' Bloccstyle

Strange Days Tour: A Decade Of Excellence

The Best of Brotha Lynch Hung/BMR 2000

Through the Eyes of She

Other Songs

187 on 24th Street
187 On A Hook
24 Deep
24 Gone
40 Break
40 Oz and Chronic Dice
501s and Rightsides
781 Redrum
Anotha Killin'
Any Given Friday
Art of War
Back Fade
Bacon N Eggs (Skit)
Black Market
Black Market
Bleeding House Mystery
Blinded By Desire
Blood All Over Me
Blood Drops
Blood On Da Rug
Blood On Da Rug (Rizzla Remix)
Blood on Da Rug Pt. 2
Body on the Floor
Break Ya Loccs
Bullet Maker*
Buy Another Gun
By My Side
Call Tha Guardz
Can I Have A Napkin?
Catch You
Catch You (Death Is What You Reap) (Dizz Remix)
Chop Suey
Colostomy Bag
Colostomy Bag (Duplicate)
Crazy Than A Muthafucca
Cusche Break
D.O.A. (Duplicate)
Dark Knights
Datz Real Gangsta
Datz Real Gangsta / Gangsta sh*t
De One Below
Dead b*tch
Dead Man
Dead Man Walking
Death Dance
Deep Down
Devils & Gunsmoke
Devils and Gunsmoke
Did It and Did It
Die; 1 by 1
Dogg Market
Dogg Market (Everyday) (E-Moe Remix)
Don't Stop
Don't Worry Momma It's Just Bleedin'
Drunken Style
Eating You
Every Single b*tch
Every Single b*tch
Everywhere I Go
Evidence 2002
Feel My Nature Rize
Flippin Chiccens
For Some Strange Reason
Friday Night
Fucc Off Again (Skit)
Fucc Off! (skit)
Fucced Up (Skit)
G (Skit)
G'd Up
Get Bacc Time
Get Da Baby (Skit)
Good Night
Gotta Die Soon
Guess What's Growing (Redone)
Had 2 Gat Ya
Have You Checked the Children? (Skit)
How You Do Dat Again
Hunta Killa
Hunter Killa
I Almost Got Away Wit It
I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me
I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night
I Get's Off
I Give Up
I Hate When n*ggaz Get On The Phone When They Around Me
I Heard That Song B 4
I Heard That Song B4
I Know Who Did Dis (Skit)
I Plotted (My Next Murder)
I Tried To Commit Suicide
I Went From
Ice Cream
ID Channel
If These Walls Could Talk / Marination
In My Dreams
In the Beginning
Inhale With Da Devil (Skit)
Instruments (Skit)
Interrogation (Intro)
Intro (Bullet Maker)
It's Real
It's Real
Jackin' 4 Joints
Legal Dope Compilation
Liquor Sicc
Liquor, n*ggas and Triggas
Listen to Her Die
Locc 2 da Brain
Look (Intro)
Look It's A Dead Body
Lose a Hoe, Gain a Hoe
Maniac Ridaz
Mask and Knife
Meat Cleaver
Mr. No Print
Mr. No Print
Murder Over Hard
Murder Over Hard (feat. G Macc) + End Skit (feat. BZO)
My Favorite
My Love
My Mind Ain't Right
My World
Naked Cheese
Neighborhood Boyz
Newsflash (Intro)
n*gga Deep
Nor Cal
Nothing Matters
Nutt Bagg
On Halloween Night
On My Briefcase
On One
One A Da Las' Sicc n*ggaz
One Mo Pound
One n*gga Dead
One Time
One Time (BC Remix)
Outro (Bullet Maker)
Outro (Coathanga Strangla)
Pill Poppin' Music
Raw Edge Bullsh*t
Raw Meat [Not finish Yet]
Reachin' for Fame
Real Loccs
Red Dead Bodies
Refuce 2 Looze
Refuse To Lose
Rest In p*ss
Return of Da Baby
Return of Da Baby Killa
Return of tha Baby Killa
Ridin & Smokin
RIP (Redone)
Sad Circus
Season Of Da Sicc
Season Of Da Sicc
Secondz A Way
She Thinks I'm a Psycho
She Thinks I'm a Psycho (Remix)
Sicc & High
Siccem! (feat. First Degree the D.E. & G Macc)
Siccmade House
Silent Supper
Sit in That Corner b*tch!
Situation on Dirty
Sleepless Nites
Slice of Life Remix
So Serious
Something About Susan
Sooner or Later
Spit It Out
Spitz Network
Split Personality
Spydie's Birth
Still Shootin
Strange March (Death March Remix)
Strange Music Box
Strangeulation II
Suicide Note
Suicide Watch
Suicidio Morte
Sweeney Todd
Takin Online Orders
Takin' Online Orders (Duplicate)
Tell Me If I'm Trippin'
Tha Murder
Tha Package
That's How My Trigga Went
Thatz What I Said
The Argument (Part 2)
The Coathanga
The Corpse Came to Dinner
The Lynch That Stole Xmas
The Plot
The River (Skit)
The Sypda
The Unholy
Therapy Session
There it Is
Thought They Knew (Intro)
Treat 'Em Like Hoes
Tried to Shoot
Up Early Out My Casket
Usual Suspects
Walkin' 2 My Funeral
Welcome 2 Your Own Death
Welcome to Your Own Death
Went Way
West Side Ridin'
What's Yo Psycho?
Where I Came Up At
Where's My Checc? (Skit)
Who's Tha Hoe?
Ya Brains
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