Ludacris Lyrics

north philadelphia (2019)

22 Jump Street (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2014)

Burning Bridges (2014)

Sharp On All 4 Corners (Deluxe Edition) (2014)

Fast & Furious 6 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013)

Dirt Road Anthem (Remix) - Single (2011)

Atlanta Ambassador (2010)

Bring It On (2010)

Death of a Pop Star (2010)

Point of No Return (2006)

Pre-Release Therapy: The Truth Will Set You Free (2006)

Disturbing Tha Peace Presents Bobby Valentino (2005)

Worth Tha Weight (2004)

Fubu - The Good Life Compilation (2001)

Can U Get With It (1994)


Broke Pimpin'

Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Pretty Girl

Sex Therapy: The Experience

Skeletah Hormones

Talk 2 Me


We affiliated II (Mixtape)

Yuh Nijja Boolin’ II

Other Songs

#IDGAF Intro
1st & 10
22 Jump Street
7 Acoustic Covers (Medley)
9 Times Out Of 10
Act a Fool
Addicted To Money
All Around the World
All Around the World (Acoustic)
All Around The World (Mashup Cover)
All I Do Is Win
All I Do is Win Again
All the Way Turned Up (Ludamix)
Area Codes
Atlanta Zoo
Atlanta, GA
Ay Yo Dude 3k
B R Right
B.O.T.S. Radio
Baby (Acoustic)
Back for the First Time [Tracklist]
Be With You
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley (Remix 2)
Beast Mode
Beat Box
Been Too Long
Beep (Remix)
Berserk Boy
Bia' Bia'
Black Man's Dream
Black Man's Struggle (skit)
Block Lockdown
Block Lockdown
Blow (Remix)
Blow 2.0
Blow It Out
Blow It Out (Remix)
Blueberry Yum Yum
Body Shots
Born an OG
Break Bread
Break Sumthin'
Break Your Heart (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Edit)
Break Your Heart (Remix)
Breathe In Breathe Out
Call Up the Homies
Call Up The Homies (co-starring The Game and Willy Northpole)
Call Ya Bluff
Can You Buy That
Candy Paint & Gold Teeth
Cashin Out (Remix)
Catch Up
Certified Crunk - da Remix [Booklet]
Changed the Way You Kiss Me (Remix)
Check Em Out
Child of the Night
Childz Play
Chopped N Skrewed
Cinco De Mayo Rap
CoCo (Freestyle)
Cold Outside
Come and See Me
Come and See Me (Interlude)
Come On Over
Come On Over (Skit)
Coming 2 America
Coming to America
Conjure Commercial
Considerate Brotha
Country sh*t (Remix)
Country sh*t (Remix) Single Art
Creepin' (Solo)
Crib In My Closet (Freestyle)
Cry Babies
Cry Babies (Oh No)
Cut Something
Damn! (Remix)
Dancin' Dirty
Dey Know (Remix)
Diamond in the Back
Diddy Rock
Dirt Road Anthem (Remix)
Dis b*tch, Dat Hoe
Do It Well (Remix)
Do Sumthing Strange
Do the Right Thang
Do Your Time
Don't sell molly no mo' (Freestyle)
Double Cup
Down in tha Dirty
Down South
Downtown cover
Drinkin' N Drivin'
DTP for Life
Eat My Shorts
Eat You Alive
End of the Night
Errrbody (Remix)
Everybody Drunk
Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Wit Me
Everybody's Circulation
Everyday Birthday
Eyebrows Down
F5 (Furiously Dangerous)
Face The Truth
Family Affair
Fantasy 2
Fast and Furious 7 trailer breakdown
Father stretch my hands cover
Fatty Girl
Fatty Girl (Neptunes Version)
Feelin' So Sexy
Foolish (Remix)
Freaky Gurl (Remix)
Freaky Thangs
Freedom of Preach
Future Thug (Original Version)
Future Thugs
Game Got Switched
Get Back
Get Back (Rock Remix)
Get Buck in Here
Get it Right
Get Lit
Get Off Me
Get the f*ck Back
Get the Hell On With That
Gettin' Some Remix
Gimme Dat
Girls Gone Wild
Give Me a Chance
Glamorous (Poet Name Life dance remix)
Go 2 Sleep
Go to Sleep
Go To Sleep Ho
Go To Sleep Hoe
Go to the Floor
Gold Digger
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin' (Von Tae' Remix)
Gossip Folks
Gossip Folks (Fatboy Slim Radio Remix)
Gossip Folks (Mousse T's Original Alternative)
Grass Is Always Greener
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits (Skit)
Grew Up A Screw Up
Grew Up A Screw Up (Remix)
Growing Pains
Growing Pains (Do It Again) [Remix]
Grown Woman
Hands in the Air
Hard Times
Heart Attack Remix
Helluva Night
Helluva Night
Helluva Nite
Hey Ho
High Price
Hip Hop Quotables
History Lesson (Interlude)
Ho (Skit)
Hoes in My Room
Holidae In
Holidae In
Holidae In (feat. Ludacris and Snoop Dogg)
Hood Billionaire (Freestyle)
Hood Stuck
Hot and Wet
Hot and Wet (Remix)
Hot n*gga (Freestyle)
How Do You Sleep? (Remix)
How Low
How Low (Remix)
How Low Can You Go (Promo Only clean edit)
How Low ft. Yelawolf & Rock City (Remix)
How To Be A Boss
How We Do It (Around My Way)
Howhere (Skit)
I Ain't The One
I Came to Bring the Pain
I Can't Live With You
I Do It All Night
I Do It for Hip Hop
I Do It For Hip Hop
I Don't Give a f*ck
I Get Money (Remix)
I Know You Got a Man
I Like
I Wanna Rock (Remix)
I'm on Fire
I'm So Hood (Remix)
I'm The Truth
If I Ain't f*cked Up
In Da Club
In the A
In The Depths Of Solitude
Incognegro Intro
Interactive (skit)
Into The Sunset
Intro (1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time)
Intro (Red Light District)
Intro (Theater of the Mind)
It Wasn't Us
It Wasn't Us (Clones Version)
It's Like That
Jack N Tha Jacka
John Madden 2000 Theme
Jump Off The G4
Just the Tip
Kauf Kauf
Keep it On the Hush
King Kong Killa
King Sh!t
Large Amounts
Last of a Dying Breed
Last of a Dying Breed (Original Version)
Legs Shakin'
Let's Stay Together
Like You'll Never See Me Again (Remix)
Little Bad Girl
Little Bad Girl (Club Edit)
Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Edit)
Living the Life
Llama Mama
Love For Money
Loverboy (Remix)
Lovers and Friends
Luda Gets Funky
Ludaversal (Intro)
Ludaversal Tracklist + Album Art
Lunch Money Ludaverses Freestyle
Lyrical Healing
Mad Fo
Mad Fo (Remix)
Made You Look (Remix)
Meet the Dealer
Midnight Train
Midnight Train (feat. Chimere)
Money Counter (Freestyle)
Money Maker
Mouthing Off
Mouths to Feed
Move b*tch
Move b*tch (radio edit)
Move Circulation
Muthaf*cka Can U Buy That
My Best Friend
My Chick Bad
My Chick Bad (Remix)
My Chick Bad Remix
Nasty Girl
Nasty Girl (co-starring Plies)
Need a Boss
New Beginning Intro
Nigerian Prince
Not Long
Number One Spot
Numbers On The Boards (Freestyle)
Nutmeg (Freestyle)
Nymphos (Remix)
Ocean Skies
OG's Theme
Oh [Kardinal Beats Remix]
On Top of the World
One Minute Man
One Minute Man (Video Remix)
One More Drink
One Time
Only (Freestyle)
Outro on Ya Ass
Own It (Remix)
Party Girls
Party No Mo'
Party Starter
Pass Out
Patna Dem (Ludamix)
Peaches & Cream (Remix)
Pennies (The Updated Rosters Remix)
Phat Rabbit
Phat Rabbit
Pick Up the Phone
Pimp Council
Pimpin' All Over the World
Pinky Shinin
Playa Cardz Right (Male)
Playin' Hard (Megamix)
Politics as Usual (Obama Is Here)
Polka Face
Pop Champagne (Mega Remix)
Pop Champagne (Remix)
Pop rap mix
Pop U
Poppin' Tags (Remix)
Porn Star Dancing
Press the Start Button
Pretty Girl
pus*y Poppin (P-Poppin)
Put On
Put On (G-Mix)
Put Your Money
Quick Fast Freestyle
Quiero Saber
Raised In The South
Rap City Freestyle
Real Pimp
Rearview (Ridin')
Red Light (Remix)
Release Therapy [Tracklist]
Representin' (Remix)
Rest of My Life
Rest of My Life (Daddy's Groove Remix)
Rest of My Life (Extended)
Rest of My Life (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
Ribbon (Remix)
Rich And Flexin
Ride (Promo Only clean edit)
Ride (Remix)
Rob Quarters (skit)
Rob The Robbers
Rock and a Hard Place
Rock Star
Rockin That sh*t (Remix)
Roll out
Rollout (My Business)
Rollout (My Business) - Album Version (Edited)
Run The Check Up
Runaway Love
Runaway Love (DJ Skandalous/2Pac Remix)
Same Damn Time (Extended Remix)
Same Damn Time (Remix)
Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!)
Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) - Album Version (Edited)
Saturday Night
Save it for Another Day
Save me cover
Say It To My Face
Screwed Up
Second Chance
Secret Song
Sex Faces
Sex Room
Sex Therapy (Luda Remix)
Shake 'Em Off
Shake Dat sh*t
Shake N Fries
Shake Senora Remix
She A Trip
She Don't Know
She Said
She's a Trip
Shera Di Kaum
Shot Off
Side of Town (Oh Lets Do It)
Skit (The Red Light District)
Skit (The Red Light District)
Smokin' Dro
Some South sh*t
Soul Bossa Nostra
Southern Fried Intro
Southern Gangsta
Southern Gangsta (co-starring Rick Ross, Playaz Circle and Ving Rhames)
Southern Hospitality
Spanish Fly
Speak Into The Mic
Splash Waterfalls
Splash Waterfalls (Remix)
Splash Waterfalls (Whatever You Want Remix)
Spur of the Moment
Spur of the Moment (Pacific Coast Remix)
Stand Up
Stand Up
Stand Up (Remix)
Status Look
Stealth (Make me a copy)
Stick 'Em Up
Still My n*gga
Still Standing
Stomp (Remix)
Stop Lying (Skit)
Stop Trippin
Sugar (Gimme Some)
Sugar (Remix)
Sweet Revenge
T Baggin' (skit)
Take It Slow
Tell It Like It Is
Tell Me a Secret
Tell Me What They Mad For
That's How I Get Down
That's My sh*t
That's What I Like (Ludacris Remix)
The Campion
The Jump Off
The Potion
They Don't Know (Remix)
This Has Been My World
Throw It Up
Throw Sum Mo (Freestyle)
Thumbs Up (How Many Fingers You Put Down)
Tickets Sold Out (Skit)
Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz (Freestyle)
Tom Ford (Freestyle)
Tomb of the Boom
Tomorrow Tonight
Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
Tonight (I'm f*ckin' You)
Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)
Tonight (Promo Only clean edit)
Too Easy
Trill Recognize Trill
Trill Recognize Trill
Truffle Butter (Ludaverse Freestyle)
Tuesday (Freestyle)
Turn Down For What (Megamix)
Turn Down For What (Remix)
Turn Down For What (Remix)
Two Miles an Hour
Two Miles an Hour (Remix)
Type of Way (Remix)
U Can Believe It
U Don't Have to Call (Remix)
U Got a Problem?
Ultimate Satisfaction
Uncut Cypher
Viagra (Skit)
Vitamin D
War With God
Warning (Intro)
Wasted (Ludamix)
We Got
We In This b*tch
We Must Be Heard
We Still Crunk !! [Credits]
We Still Crunk!! [Booklet]
Welcome to Atlanta
Welcome to Atlanta (Coast 2 Coast Remix)
Welcome to Atlanta (Falcons Remix)
Welcome To Atlanta (Remix)
Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
Wet the Bed
What Means the World to You (Remix)
What Them Girls Like
What U Mean
What You Smokin On
What's Your Fantasy (Remix)
What's Your Fantasy?
Where You At? (The Whole City Behind Us)
Who Not Me
Whole City Behind Us
Why Don't We Fall In Love (Main Mix)
Why You Up in Here
Windows Up
Wish You Would
Witcha Lookin Ass
Word of Mouf (Freestyle)
Word of Mouf [Tracklist]
Worldwide Choppers Big Remix (19 MC's)
Ya Heard
Yeah (Remix)
Yeah We Gettin Rich
Yep Dat's Me
You Got What I Want