Little Brother Lyrics

Long Range (2008)

Separate But Equal (Drama Free Edition) (2008)

Yours Truly (2008)

Cry Now L.A.F. Later (2007)

Hip-Hop Docktrine 2: The Saga Continues (2007)

Who Am I? (2007)

Soldiers of Fortune (2006)

Somebody to Love (2006)

The Commercial Free EP (2006)

The Healing (2006)

The Venus Album (2006)

Chain Letters (2005)

City Lights, Volume 1.5 (2005)

An Evening With the Sound Providers (2004)

10.6.3 OGX

Cold Fusion LP

Drops From Above

Focus presents......Dedication

La Notte

Unfold Presents: Tru Thoughts Hip Hop

Other Songs

5th and Fashion
7pm In Saint Felipe
A Dedication To Louis Giron (Break)
A Word From Our Sponsors
A Word From Our Sponsors - Lyrics
After the Party
After the Party (S1 and Caleb's Who Shot JR Ewing remix)
All for You
Altitudes (Flyin High)
Away from Me
Back at It
Back At It (Remix)
Back When
Be Prepared
Beautiful Morning
Best Kept Secret
Bless the Child
Boondock Saints
Braggin' & Boastin'
Breakin My Heart
Bring it On
Bring Y'all Back
Can't Keep
Can't Let Her
Can't Stop Us
Can't Win For Losing
Carolina Agents
Chaundon Shoutro
Cloud 9
Cool as a Fan
Cross That Line
Cross That Line (Extended Remix)
Curtain Call
Diary Of A Mad Black Daddy
Do it to Death
Doin' Me
Don't You Have a Man
Feelin' Alright
Feelin' Alright (Japanese Import Track)
Flash and Flare
For You
Give It to Ya
Give It to Ya (original version)
Go Off Go On
Good Clothes
Good Clothes (dub mix)
Gotta Get Dat
Groupie Pt. 2
Grown Folks
Hiding Place
Hiding Place
Hold On (Tellin Me)
Home (The Listening)
Honey (Wally Sparks Mix)
How Did This Happen Outro???
I Do It For Yawl
I Got Swagga
I Got Work For Ya
I Need You
I Need You
I Need You (Cookin Soul remix)
I See Now
Intergalactic Soul
Intro (N.C. State Of Mind)
Intro (Poobie's Song)
Keep On
Khrysis Shoutro
Knock Knock
Ladies' Jam
Last Day
Let It Go
Let It Go (Single)
Let's Get Away
Life of the Party
Life of the Party (9th Wonder Remix)
Life of the Party Remix
Light it Up
Light It Up (Nicolay's Candlit Wonderland remix)
Light It Up (Nicolay)
Long Time Coming
Lose It
Lose It
Love Is
Love Joint Revisited
Lovin' It
Make Me Hot
Mic Acrobats
Minstrel Closing Theme
Minstrel Show Closing Theme
Morning (The Listening)
Never Leave
Next Day
Nighttime Maneuvers
Nighttime Maneuvers (9th Wonder remix)
Nighttime Maneuvers (Remix)
No Time to Chill
Nobody But You
Nobody Like Me
Not Enough
On and On
On My G
On the Marquee
On the Way
On The Way (Dirty Version)
Paper Chaser
Phonte Exclusive
Playin' to Lose
Right Here
Rise and Fall
Rise And Fall
Rollin Out
Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire
Say It Again
Say It Again (dub mix)
Second Chances
Seperate But Equal
Shake It
Shorty on the Lookout
Shorty on the Lookout (Remix)
Sincerely Yours
Sinners (original uncensored version)
Slow it Down
So Cold
So Fabulous
Soul Control
Speed Racin'
Step It Up
Step My Game Up (Remix)
Step Off
Still Lives Through
Still Shine
Table For Two
Take it There
That Ain't Love
The Becoming
The Beginning
The Get Up
The Getaway
The Honorable
The Listening
The Olio
The Rap Game
The Sun
The Way You Do It
The Way You Do It (9th Got More Soul Than He Ever Did Remix)
The Way You Do It (Nicolay Remix)
The Way You Do It (Remix)
The Yo Yo
The Yo-Yo (Nicolay Remix)
The Yo-Yo (Remix)
Third Party
Tigallo For Dolo
Time of Your Life
Too Late for Us
Two Step Blues
Watch Me
We Got Now
Welcome to Durham
Welcome to the Minstrel Show
What We Are
What You Do
Whatcha Like
Whatever You Say
Whatever You Say (9th Wonder remix)
Whatever You Say (DJ dub remix)
Whatever You Say (Sloppy Chulo's Dirty Porn Star remix)
When Everything Is New
Where Do We Go From Here
Words From The Champ (Intro)
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