Traphik Lyrics

Back From The Future (2012)

DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap (2011)

Under The Radar (2011)

Rush Hour (2009)

The MixedApe mixtape

Other Songs

All Night ft. The Natural & Stopha
Battle Rap
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley
Bed Rock (Asian Remix)
Beez In The Trap
Break It Down
Call Me Maybe (Dirty Parody)
Charlie Sheen
Chillin Here In the Atmosphere (C.H.I.A) a real love song
Everybody Else
Extra Dope
Extra Dope
Fly Young Gentlemen
Fly young gentlemen (feat. dyme a duzin)
Forever (Youtube Remix)
Freaks and Geeks
Fresh Prince Theme
f*ckin' Problems
Good Night
Here We Go Yall Cypher - Traphik
Hey Selena Gomez
How U Doin
Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il
I'm Fresh
Ill Mind of Hopsin IV
Insecure Girls
It Feels Good
It's Everyday Bro (Remix)
Keep Ya Head Up
MC Showcase 2009
Mr. Invisible
My Fresh
n*ggas In Paris
No Lie
Only (Rielmix)
Pajama Pants
Rack City
Rebecca Black Swag (2011 MC Showcase)
Run This Town
Rush Hour - Intro
Say Ahh!!!
Shut It Down
Sleazy 2.0
So Far So Good
Strange Clouds
Supply And Demand
Team Backpack Cypher at A3C 2014
The Motto
Throw 'em Out
What Do I Have To Do?
You'z a Ho, Ho, Ho! (A Holiday Acoustic Freestyle)
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