Das Racist Lyrics

bell hooks

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(Ass Balls Face) Outer Space
(The Boys Are) Back in Town
All Tan Everything
And the White Man Get Paid Off All of That
Art School
Astro Brown
Blue Magic
Booty In The Air
Brand New Dance
Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist/PatrickWhat Remix)
Chase Bank
Chicken and Meat
Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Coochie Dip City
Das Classist
Deep Ass sh*t (You'll Get It When You're High)
Different Schools
Don Dada
Ek Shaneesh
Fake Patois
Fashion Party
Free Jazzmataz
Girl Unit Wut Freestyle
Hahahaha jk?
Happy Rappy
Hugo Chavez
I Don't Want To Deal With Those Monsters
I'm Up On That
Indians From All Directions
Jackson Pollock
Julia (the very best remix)
Jungle Fever
Luv it Mayne
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
Middle of the Cake
Mira Mira
National Anthem (Das Racist Remix)
One Dollar Can
People Are Strange
Pink Polo Shorts
Please, No Pictures
Puerto Rican Cousins
Punjabi Song
Rainbow in the Dark
Rapping 2 U
Relax [Credits]
Return to Innocence
Ring Tone
Roc Marciano Joint
Shorty Said
Shut Up, Dude
Shut Up, Man
Sit Down Man
Sit Down, People
Speaking in Tongues (Freestyle)
The Actual
The Last Huzzah (Remix)
The Trick
Town Business
Who's that? Brooown!
WKCR Stretch and Bobbito Show with Quincy Jones (Intro)
You Oughta Know
You Can Sell Anything
You Oughta Know (That We're The Greatest Rappers Alive)
Zoo Too
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