Master P Lyrics

Tony Mantana (2018)

The Ghetto Poet (2017)

CP3 (2015)

Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood (2015)

OVO Sound Radio Tracklists (2015)

We All We Got (2015)

Passion (2013)

The Gift (2013)

The Luca Brasi Story (2013)

Get Money Soundtrack (2011)

Hip Hop History (2007)

The Best of Westside Connection (2007)

Hurricane Katrina - We Gon' Bounce Back (2005)

Living Legend: Certified D-Boy (2005)

The Best of C-Murder (2005)

Based on a True Story (2004)

Appearances: Book 1 (2002)

Pootie Tang (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture Pootie Tang) (2001)

West Coast Bad Boyz: Poppin' Collars (2001)

Foolish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

Charge It To Da Game (1998)

Let's Ride [CD Single] (1998)

Memorial Day (1998)

No Limit Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

No Limit Records Presents: Mean Green: Major Players Compilation (1998)

No Limit Soldiers: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

Pre-Meditated Drama (1997)

Scream 2: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture (1997)

The Ghettos Tryin' To Kill Me! (1997) (1997)

Escape From the Mental Ward - EP (1995)

Good Girl Gone Bad (1995)

West Coast Bad Boyz: High Fo Xmas - EP (1995)

West Coast Bad Boyz: Anotha Level Of The Game (1994)

Boss of All Bosses

Change - Single (Artist: Cymphonique)

Da Crime Family

Da Holocaust

Fabulous girl (Album) (aritist: Fabulous Girls)

I'm Bout It soundtrack

Into You (artist: Cymphonique)

Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation


No Days Off (artist: Cymphonique)

Philadelphia Eagles 3

Rain Drops

Silkk The Shocker


Trap Michael Jackson

Venom Media Presents: The Deal Show Soundtrack

Other Songs

" WE OUT CH'HERE " Dirty Filthy Version
1-900-Master P
1/2 on a Bag of Dank
2 Way
20 Dollars to My Name
20 on Cars 26 on Trucks
3 Strikes
4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix)
6 'n Tha Mornin'
7th Or St. Tammany
99 Ways to Die
A 2nd Chance
A Woman
Act a Fool
Act a Fool (Chopped & Screwed)
After Dollars, No Cents
Ain't No Glock
Ain't Nothing Changed
Al Capone
All 4 One
Always Come Back to You
Always Look a Man in the Eyes
Angry Young Men
Another Day, Another Dollar
Anything Goes
Anything Goes
Back Against the Wall
Back On Top
Back Up Off Me
Back Up Off Me
Bad Girl
bast*rd Child
Bay Area Playaz
Before I Die
Best Hustler
b*tch I like
b*tches & Money
Black and White
Black History
Black Jesus
Bloody Murder
Bonus Track #1
Born 2 Be A Soldier
Bounce Back
Bounce That Azz
Bourbans and 'Lacs
Bout Dat
Bout It Bout It
Bout It Bout It 2 (featuring Mia X)
Bout It Bout It... Part III
Bout It, Bout It II
Bout That Drama
Break 'Em Off Somethin'
Brick To A Million
Bring the Noise
Bullets Got No Name
Burbons and Lacs
Call When You Need Some
Can't Touch Us
Can't Wait
Cant Tell Me
Captain Kirk
Cash money & Young money are whack (Hold me back Freestyle)
Chapter 14 - Sippin Codeine 1998
Check 'Em
Check in the Bag
Choppa Style
Christmas In Da Ghetto
Closing: The Chosen Ones
Come and Get It
Come and Get Some
Come On
Commercial (Ice Cream Man)
Commercial (Young Guns)
Converse B-Ball
Cookie Money
Crazy Bout Ya
Crazy Bout Ya
D-Game (Remix)
Da Ballers
Da Last Don
Dana You Can Bang Her
Day One n*gga
Dead Presidents
Dear Mr. President
Did I Do That?
Dirty Dee
Do You Know?
Don Is Back
Don't f*ck With TRU
Don't Make No Sense
Don't Mess Around
Don't Start No sh*t
Don't Start No....
Dont Think I Kno
Doo Rags
Dope Mann
Dope, pus*y, & Money
Drug Dealer
Eyes of a Killer
Eyes on Your Enemies
Faces of Death
Family Business
FEDz (Radio)
Feel Me
Feel Me (feat. Pop)
Final Ride
For Realz
Freadom Of Speach
Freak Hoes
Free Loaders
Free Loaders - 42374
Friends With Benefits
Fright Night
f*ck a b*tch Cause I'm Paid
f*ck a b*tch Cuz I'm Paid
f*ck That sh*t
f*ck Them Hoes
Gangsta b*tch
Gangstas Make The World
Gangstas Need Love
Get Back
Get Bout It & Rowdy
Get Bucked, Get Crunked
Get The Party Crackin'
Get Yo Mind Right
Get Your Paper
Getaway Clean
Gettin' High
Ghetto 211
Ghetto Ballin'
Ghetto Cheeze
Ghetto Child
Ghetto D
Ghetto Godzilla
Ghetto Honey
Ghetto Honey (feat. Theresa Esclovon)
Ghetto Honeys
Ghetto in the Sky
Ghetto Life
Ghetto Life
Ghetto Love
Ghetto Model
Ghetto Model (feat. Theresa Esclovon)
Ghetto Prayer
Ghetto Rain
Ghetto Tears
Ghetto Thang
Go Down
God Forgive Us
Goin' Through Some Thangs
Going Through Somethangs
Golds in They Mouth
Goodbye to My Homies
Got Em Fiendin'
Got Em Fiending
Got it on Lock
Greens, Cornbread, and Cabbage
Ha Brah
Hands of a Dead Man
Hard N's
He Did That
Headin' 4 the Jack
Heat of the Sun
Heaven 4 A Gangsta
Heaven For A Gangsta
Heaven Is So Close
Here We Go
Here We Go
Hit Em Up
Hit Em Up"(feat. Tru (Silkk, C-Murder), Mercedez
Hoe Games
Hold You Down
Hollywood (Day One n*ggas)
Homie Ride
Homies & Thuggs (The Remix)
Homies & Thugs
Homies and Thugs (Remix)
Hoody Hoo
Hoody Hooo
Hook It Up
Hook it Up
Hot Boys and Girls
How G's Ride
How to Be a Playa
How U Like It
How We Mobb
How Ya Do Dat
Hustla Baller
Hustle Hard On'Em
Hustlin' (1995)
Hustlin' (2000)
I Ain't Play'n
I Ain't to be f*cked With
I Always Feel Like...
I Can Take The Wait
I Carry A Drum
I Don't
I Don't Give Ah What
I Got Candy
I Got That Dank
I Got the Dank
I Got the Hook Up (album version)
I Got the Hook Up (R&B remix)
I Got the Hook-Up!
I Got You Girl
I Luv My Project
I Miss 'Em
I Miss My Homies
I Miss That (Get my money right)
I Need a Thug
I Need Dubs
I Need Dubs (feat. Lil Romeo)
I Want to be Like You
I'm a Baller
I'm a Gangsta
I'm a Soldier
I'm a Soulja
I'm Alright
I'm Bout It, Bout It
I'm Bout It, Bout It
I'm Bout It, Bout It
I'm Going Big Time
I'm Gonna Hustle
I'm the Funkiest
I'm Yo Soldier
Ice Cream Man
Ice on My Wrist
Ice on My Wrist (Remix)
If (feat. Souya)
If I Chould Change (Extended)
If I Could Change
If I Don't Gotta
If it Don't Make $$$...
If You Real, Keep it Real
In Love Wit Dem Dollas
Interlude: For Us by Us
Interlude: No Limits
Interlude: Pedestals
Interlude: The Glory Is in You
Interlude: This Moment
Into You
Intro (Ice Cream Man)
Intro (Tru 2 Da Game)
Intro (True)
Intro/17 Reasons
Is it You? (Deja Vu)
Is There a Heaven 4 a Gangsta?
It Don't Get No Better
It Don't Make No Sense
It's a Drought
It's All Good
It's My Party
It's My Time
It's Real
It's Real
It's Time to Ride
It's Your Thing
Itch or Scratch
Jack of the Jackers
Jbg parodie selbstgeschrieben
Jealous Again
Just an Everyday Thang
Just Be Straight With Me
Just For You
Keep it All Good
Keep it Jumping
Keep It Real
Kenny's Dead
Killa pus*y
Last Dance
Late Night Creepin'
Lay Low
Let 'Em Go
Let Me See It
Let Me Shine
Let My 9 Get 'Em
Let's Get 'Em
Let's Get it Started
Let's Get Them
Let's Ride
Let's Ride (Beats by the Pound/Master P remix)
Let's Ride (Radio Edit)
Life Ain't Cool
Life Ain't Easy
Life I Live
Life in the Fast Lane
Life is Serious
Like Whaaat (Remix)
Like You (Skit)
Lil Miss Swaggar
Lil n*gga
Lil' Romeo's B House
Lil'Wine_pain Killer_Remix
Little Soldiers Need Love Too
Live or Die
Livin' Legend
Livin' Like a Hustler
Living That Life
Locked Up
Louie Sheets
Love Hate
Love Hate (feat. Halleluyah)
Low Down & Dirty
Made n*ggaz
Major Players
Major Players
Make 'Em Say Uhh
Make 'Em Say Uhh #2
Make 'Em Say Uhh - Edited;2005 Digital Remaster
Make Em Say Uhh Number 2
Make Love to a Thug
Makin' Moves
Making Moves
Mama Always Told Me
Mama Raised Me
Mama's Bad Boy
Man Down
Married to the Mob (Part 1) (Street Version)
Master P Intro
Master Peewee (Remix)
Me and My
Me And You
Meagan Good
Meal Ticket
Mile Away
Miller Boyz
Missing You
Mission 2 Get Paid
Mobbin Through My Hood
Money Bag
Money Gets
More 2 Life
Moving Things
Mr. Ice Cream Man
Much Love
Murder - 42376
My Babooski
My Baby
My Best Friend
My Biz
My Crush (Skit)
My Dogs
My First (Remix)
My Ghetto Heroes
My Homie
My Life is Sweet
N's Ain't sh*t
N.L. Party
Na Na Na
Neighborhood Dopeman
Never Ending Game
n*ggas From Calli
No Limit
No Limit (G-Mix)
No Limit Army
No Limit Party
No Limit Party
No Limit Party - 42380
No Limit Soldiers
No Limit Soldiers
No Limit Soldiers II
No More Tears
Nobody Else
Nobody Moves
Oh Na Nae
Only a Few
Only God Can Judge Me
Only the Strong Survive
Only Time Will Tell
Ooh sh*t
Paper Chasing
Paper Right
Pass Me Da Green
Pass me da green - 2005 digital remaster
Plan B
Playa 4 Life
Playa 4 Life
Playa From Around The Way
Playa Haterz
Playa Wit Game
Playaz From the South
Pockets Gone Stay Fat
Pop Goes My 9
Pop It
Pop Lockin' II
Poppin' Them Collars
Pray For Your Baby
Psycho Rhymes
Pure Uncut
R.I.P Tupac
R.I.P. Kevin
Rain Drops
Real Hommies
Real Love
Represent (feat. Silkk the Shocker)
Represent (feat. Silkk)
Represent Yo Block
Respect My Game
Return of Da Don
Rev Do Wrong (Bonus)
Reverse the Game
Rich and Dangerous
Rich And Dangerous (T.R.U.)
Ride 4 You
Rock It
Rock-A-Bye Haters
Roll How We Roll
Roll Roll
Rollin Thru My Hood
Rollin' the Dice
Run Away Slaves
Safe Sex
Say Brah
Say Brah (Radio)
Sellin' Ice Cream
Shake What Ya Got
Shake'm Up
Shoot 'Em Up
Shut it Down
Shut It Down (feat. Slim Thug)
Side to Side
Slow Down
Smokin Green
Snoop World
So Many Souls Deceased
So Much Pain
Soldier Party
Soldier Till I Die
Soldiers, Riders and G's
Some Jack
Some of These Hoes Jack
Somethin for the Street
Somethin' Funky For The Street
Soulja Boo
Stack Yo Chips
Step to Dis
Still A G Thang
Still Ballin'
Still Makin' Moves
Stop Hatin
Stop Hustlin
Stop Playing Wit Me
Street Army
Street Life
Street Stars
Suppose to be My Friend
Swamp Aggin
Swamp n*gga
Take A Ride
Take it Outside
Take My Pain
Takin' Hits
Talk to me
Tell 'Em
Tell 'Em (I'm Back)
Tell Me
Tell Me
Tell Me a Story (About the Night Before)
Tell Me Something Good
Tell Them What's Going On
That Ain't Nothing
That Girl Rite There
That Thing is On
That's How We Break Bread
The Block
The Deal
The Farm
The Ghetto is a Struggle
The Ghetto Won't Change
The Ghetto's Got Me Trapped
The Ghetto's Tryin to Kill Me
The Ghetto's Trying To Kill Me
The Girlies
The Lord Is Testin' Me
The One
The Party Don't Stop
The Plug
The Shocker
The Tank Goes On
Them Boyz
Them Jeans
There Dey Go
There They Go
There They Go (Official)
These Streets Keep Me Rollin'
They Can't Stop Us!
They Don't Really Know You
Things Ain't What They Used to Be
Thinkin Bout U
This Is For The Smokers
Throw Em Up
Throw Yo Hood Up
Thug 'N' Me
Thug Chick
Thug Chick (feat. Halleluyah)
Thug Girl
Thug Girl (feat. Snoop Dogg & Silkk the Shocker)
Thug Girl 2
Tight Whips
Till We Dead And Gone
Time 2 Chill
Time After Time
Time After Time
Time For a 187
Time to Check My Crackhouse
Time to Check My Fetty
Time Will Tell
Times So Hard
Tony Mantana
Too Much Noise
Trick or Treat Whodi
TRU 2 Da Game
TRU Homies (Radio Version)
Tru Homies (Street Version)
TRU Playaz
Tru-The Beginning
True Love
Trust Nobody
Trust Nobody (feat. E-A-Ski)
Tryin 2 Do Something
Tryin 2 Do Something
Tryin To Make It Out Da Ghetto
Tryin' 2 Have Sumthin'
Tryin' to Make a Dollar Out of 15 Cents
Turn My Life Around
Twerk That Thang
Two Three
Ugly But She Fine
Walk Like A Killer
Wanna Live Like Us
War Wounds
Watch Dees Hoes
Watch Deez Hoes
Watch Your Ass
Watch Your Ass (Bonus)
Watch Your Ass II
We All We Got
We Built This City
We Deadly
We Doin Somethin
We Don't Dance We Bounce
We Don't Stop
We Like Them Girls (Remix)
We Like Them Girlz
We Like Them Girlz (feat. Silkk the Shocker & Curren$y)
We Riders
We Run This
We Won't Stop
Weed and Hennesey
Weed and Money
Welcome to My City
West To South
What Cha Think
What I'm Bout
What The Business Is
What They Call Us?
What U Gonna Do
What's My Name Part. 2
What's Up With That
Whatcha Gon Do?
When I Get Grown
When They Gone
When They Gone (Radio Edit)
When They Gone (Radio)
Where Do We Go From Here
Where the Party At
Where the Playas At?
Where They At
Where U From
Where You From
Who Down to Ride
Who Got the Fire
Who Them Boyz
Who Want Some
Who's Da Killer?
Who's Who
Whoadie Gone
Whole Hood
Why My Homie
Why They Wanna See Me Dead
Why They Wanna See Me Dead
Why They Wanna See Me Dead (feat. Gambino Family)
Why They Wanna Wish Death
With Me Part I
With Me Part II
Wobble Wobble
Would You
Would You Take a Bullet for Your Homie
Y'all Don't Know
Y'all Don't Want None
Yappin' (feat. Young Buck)
Yay Actin Bad
Yeah Yeah
You A Hoe Boy
You Ain't Never Seen
You Ain't Sayin Nothin
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Wanna Go 2 War
You Know I Would
You Know I'm a Ho
You Know What We Bout
You Need To Know
You Only Live Once
You'll Never Change
Your ABC's
Your love is in the air