Outlawz Lyrics

#LastOnezLeft (2017)

The Rose (mixtape) (2017)

The Last Hip-Hop Disciple (2014)

Killuminati 2k11 (2011)

Perfect Timing (2011)

Killuminati 2K10 (2010)

The Lost Songs Vol. 3 (2010)

Get The Guns (2006)

The Prophet Returns (2005)

A Prince in Exile (2002)

Neva Surrenda - The Rap-A-Lot Sessions (2002)


Loved By Few, Hated By Many (2000)

Black Roses (1999)

Hard To Hit (1999)

P.W.A. the Album... Keep it Poppin' (1999)

If I Live and Nothing Happens (1998)

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (Azerbaijani Translation) (1996)

Holler If Ya Hear Me (1993)

2Pac Unreleased

Can't Sell Dope Forever: The Mix Tape Vol. 1



Other Songs

2nd Hand Smoke
2Pac - Hail Mary (Azerbaijani Translation)
2Pac - Hit 'Em Up (Azerbaijani Translation)
All About U (Live 1996)
All Bout U
All Eyez on Us
All Out
Ambitionz Az a Ridah (Live 1996)
Ball or Fall
Betta Pray
Bis ich unter der Erde lieg
Black Cotton
Black Diamond
Black Jesus (OG Original Version)
Black Jesuz
Black Rain
Bomb First (My Second Reply)
Born First Die Later (Don't Sleep OG 2)
Born Sinners
Boxspring Boogie
Can't Sell Dope Forever
Catchin Feelins
De l'Opéra à la Plaine 3
Die If U Wanna
Die Slow
Do Yo Thug Thang
Don't Get it f*cked Up
Don't Go 2 Sleep (OG)
Don't Stop
Driving Down the Freeway
Driving Down the Freeway (G-mix)
Enemies With Me
Enough 2 Make
Everything Is Alright
Feel Your Pain
First 2 Bomb (OG)
Fork In The Road
Freek'n You (Live 1996)
f*ck 'Em All
f*ck With Me
Gatz Up
Get Paid
Ghetto Gospal Pt. 2
Ghetto Gospel, Part 2
Ghetto Gutta
God Got me
God's Plan
Good Bye
Got My Mind Made Up (Remix)
Gun Talk
Hail Mary
Hail Mary (Nu-Mixx)
Hail Mary (Rock Remix)
Hail of Bullets
Hang On
Hard Labor
Hit 'Em Up
Hit 'Em Up (Live 1996)
Hit 'Em Up (Nu-Mixx)
Hit 'Em Up (Radio Version)
Hold On
How Do U Want It (Live 1996)
How You Want It
I Believe
I Dare U
I Don't f*ck With You
I'm a Soldier
If You Want 2
Immortal 2K
In the Event of My Demise
Initiated/Thug Pound
It Ain't Over
Jack Move
Just Like Daddy
Last Ones Left
Late Night
Let it Burn
Let's Fight (Jawz Tight)
Life is What You Make It
Life Of An Outlaw
Lost and Turned Out
Lost Souls
Lost Souls (Nu-Mixx)
M.F.C. Lawz
Made n*ggaz
Mask Down
Me Against the World
Me Against the World (Soul Power Mix)
Move Something
Murder Made Easy
My Brother's Keeper
My Own Style / Our Own Style
Never B Peace
Never Call U b*tch Again (Live 1996)
New Years
Nobody Cares
One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time (Em's version)
One Way
Our Life
Outlaw 2000
Picture Me Rollin' (Outlawz Remix)
Real Talk
Red Bull & Vodka
Runnin' (From Tha Police)
Secret of Warz (Original Version)
Serenade My Life
Shut Em Down
So Many Stories
So Many Tearz (Live 1996)
Soldier to a General
Stand for Something
Stay Awake (Don't Fall Asleep)
Still a Mystery to Me
Still Ballin (Remix)
Tattoo Tears (Live 1996)
Tattoo Tearz (OG)
The Struggle Continues
The Uppercut
There U Go
They Don't Understand
This Life I Lead
This Life Of Mine
Thug Passion
Thug Warz
Thuggin' it Out
Tradin War Stories
Troublesome (Live 1996)
Tupac Back (G-Mix)
Turn Da Heat Down
U Don't Have 2 Worry
War Games
War Gamez
Wash Away
Way Too Many
We Gone Ride
What's Ya Fantasy
Whatcha Gonna Do
When I Go
When Ure Heart Turns Cold
When We Ride
World Wide (Remix)
World Wide Mob Figgaz
Y'all Cant Do
Y'all Don't Know Us
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