Quantic Lyrics

Istituto Italiano di Cumbia, Vol. 1 (2017)

An Announcement to Answer (2006)

Mi swing es tropical (2005)

Apricot Morning (2002)

The 5th Exotic (2001)

Look Around The Corner

Other Songs

Absence Heard, Presence Felt
Águas De Sorongo
An Announcement To Answer
Angels and albatrosses
Apricot Morning
Atlantic Oscillations
Blackstone Rock
Bomb in a trumpet factory
Brand New Watusi
Common knowledge
Cumbia Sobre El Mar by Quantic
Donkey Ride
Don’t Joke With a Hungry Man
Furthest moment
Guilty Pleasure
Hey Rose (Quantic Remix)
In the key of blue
Infinite Regression
I’d Cry
La grana
La Plata
La Reflexíon
Life In The Rain
Long Road Ahead
Meet me at the pomegranate tree
Mi Swing Es Tropical
Mishaps Happening
Motivic Retrograde
Na przeszłe niedoszłe
No Soy Del Valle by Quantic
Not So Blue
Off the beaten track
Painting Silhouettes
Pelota (Cut a Rug Mix)
Prelude to happening
Search the Heavens
September Blues
She Said What?
Snakes in the grass
So Long
Sol Clap
Sound Of Everything
Sur la piste
Sweet calling
Te Picó El Yaibí by Quantic
Tell it like you mean it
The 5th Exotic
The Computation
The Moth Song
The picture inside
Through these eyes
Tierra Mama
Time is the Enemy
Time Is the Enemy
Trees and seas
Trouble from the river
Un Canto a Mi Tierra
Un Canto a Mi Tierra (Cut Chemist Remix)
Use What You’ve Got
When You’re Through
Wider Than The Sky
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