Too $hort Lyrics

East Oakland Legend (Deluxe Version) (2019)

Cross My Hart (2018)

JJ Based on a Vill Story Two (2017)

Silicon Valley (Music from the HBO Original Series) (2017)

YZ presents The Legend of Floyd Jones (2017)

The Black Godfather (2016)

19,999 (2014)

S.I.D. "Shining in Darkness (2014)

Unkut 2 (2014)

Memoirs of a Curb Server (2012)

The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, 2 & 3 (2012)

Urban Legends (2008)

I Love the Bay (2007)

Too $hort & Friends: I Love The Bay (2007)

Pablito's Way (2006)

Skateboards 2 Scrapers EP (2006)

The Slapp Addict (2006)

Hits II: Ganked & Gaffled (2001)

Lead the Way (2000)

Derty Werk (1999)

Ghetto Hymns (1999)

Nationwide Independence Day: The Compilation (1998)

No Limit Records Presents: Mean Green: Major Players Compilation (1998)

The Wood (Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture) (1998)

Booty Call (Music From the Motion Picture) (1997)

Plots & Schemes (1997)

Six Figures (1997)

Don't Try This at Home (1995)

In the Land of Funk (1994)

Reality Check (1994)

Sittin' On Somethin' Phat (1993)

The Dark Roads (1993)

Funky As I Wanna Be (1992)

To Tha Rescue (1991)

Dangerous Crew (1988)



Bakchod Brothers Mixtape

Balance (Remix) - single


First Date (single)

Hard to B-Legit

History: Function & Mob Music

L.A. Confidential Presents... Knoc-turn'al

Platinum Game



Sweat Ya Perm Out

We Run This, Vol. 6

Other Songs

$hort Dog Wedding
1 to 1 Ratio
10 Bad b*tches
10 Bad b*tches*
16 Hoes
2 b*tches
2 Kill a G
4 Tha Hustlas
84 Biarritz
9 Lives
9 To 5
A Pimp's Theme Music
A Week Ago
About That Money (P. Diddy Outro)
Ain't Got No Haters
Ain't My Girlfriend (Video Version)
Ain't No b*tches
Ain't Nothin' But a Word to Me
Ain't Nothing Like
Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
Ain’t My Girlfriend
All About It
All About It (feat. Pimp C)
All for Love
All My b*tches Are Gone
All Nite
All Nite (Remix)
All Out the b*tch*
All the Time
Analyze the Game
Anything Is Possible
Anything You Want
Ask About Me
Ass Pop*
Astronaut pus*y/Welcome to California
Baby D
Back Back
Bad Ways
Balance (Remix)
Baller b*tch
Ballin' is Fun
Bang Her
Be My Dirty Love
Be You
Better Player
Bia' Bia'
Bia' Bia' 2
Big Booty Hoes
Big Boyz
Big Thangs
b*tch b*tch b*tch Make Me Rich
b*tch! (Remix)
Black Hollywood
Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf Album [Art + Tracklist]
Blow Job Betty
Blow Job Betty (original)
Blow the Whistle
Blow The Whistle (clean)
Blow The Whistle (ghetto mix clean)
Blow The Whistle (instrumental)
Booty Bounce Bopper
Bottle After Bottle
Bout My Money
Break a b*tch
Break it Down
Bring it Back
Bring It Back
Broke b*tch
Burn Rubber
Burn Rubber Pt. 2
Buss Serves
Busy Body
Buy U Some 2
Buy You Some
Cali Iz Active
California (Remix)
California (West Coast Mix)
California Girls
Call Her a b*tch
Call it Gangster
Call Me
Call Me
Call Me Daddy
Came in the Door Pimpin'
Can I Get A -----
Can I Get A b*tch
Can I Hit It
Can U Feel It*
Can't Get Enough
Can't Stay Away
Can't Stay Away (Outro)
Can't Stop
Can't Stop
Can't Stop the Boss
Can't Take Her
Candy Paint
Cash Sniffin' Noses
Cha Cha
Chase the Cat
Check That b*tch
Check Yourself
Checking My Hoes
City of Dope
City of Dope (edited version)
Clownin' wit da Crew
Coke Dealers
Cole World (Outro)
Coming Up $hort
Cootie Cootie Coo
Couldn't be a Better Player
Cush cologne - feat. rico tha kidd & dj upgrade
Cut Her Off (Remix)
Dance (Don't Geek)
Dance Like You f*ckin'
Dat Baby
Day In The Life
Dead or Alive
Devil Without a Cause
Didn't I Tell You
Dirty Work
Dj Screw Chapter 066 - Layed Back Rollin (Disc 1 & 2)
Do My Dance
Do You Remember
Dogged Out
Doin' the Fool
Domestic Violence
Don't Act Like That
Don't Call Me
Don't Even Stop
Don't Ever Give Up
Don't Ever Stop
Don't Fight the Feelin'
Don't Fight the Feelin'
Don't Fight the Intro
Don't f*ck for Free
Don't Hate the Player
Don't Lose Your Head
Don't Lose Your Head (remix)
Don't Shoot
Don't Stop (COOLAID)
Don't Stop Rappin
Don't Suck di*k
Don't Trust Her
Dope Fiend Beat
Double Header
Dr. Dre Interlude
Dub Nation
Dump Truck
Earl That's Yo' Life
Every Weekend
Ex to the Next*
Excuse Me
Excuse Me
F**k Faces
Fat Gold Chain
Fed Up
Feel It*
Feelin' Somethin'
Female Funk
Female Players
Fire Fighter
First Date
Fo' Yo Sorrows
For Free
Freaky Hoe
Freaky Tales
From Here to New York
From the Ground Up
f*ck Boy
f*ck Faces
f*ck For A Week
f*ck My Car
f*ckin' Wit Banks
Fuk That
Function (Remix)
Funk Session
Funkin Over Nuthin
Game Over
Games Over
Gang of 'Em
Gangstas & Players
Gangstas & Strippers
Gangsters & strippers
Gas Chamber
Get In Where You Fit In
Get In Where You Fit In (Video Version)
Get It
Get Low
Get Low
Get Off the Stage
Get That Cheese
Get Yo Friends
Gettin' It
Gettin' It
Gettin' Some Remix
Girl (Cocaine)
Give 'Em the Blues
Give Em the Blues*
Give Her Some Money
Give It 2 You (Remix)
Give Me Back My Eyes
Giving Up the Funk
Go $hort Dog
Go Deep
Good Life
Gotta Get Some Lovin'
Gutta Chick
Hard on a b*tch
Hard on the Boulevard
Hella Disrespectful
Here We Go
Here We Go (J.D. Remix)
Here We Go (Lil' Jon remix)
Hey, Let's Go
History: Function Music Album Art
History: Mob Music Album Art
Hobo Hoeing
Holla at a Playa (Trackmasters Remix)
Hot Diamonds
How Does it Feel
How To Be a Player
How To Be a Player [Reprise]
How to Be a Player*
Hustle Hard
I Ain't Nothin But a Dog
I Ain't Throwin'
I Ain't Trippin
I Don't Stop Rappin
I Don't Work For Nobody
I Got sh*t to Do
I Got sh*t to Do*
I Just Wanna
I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)
I Just Wanna*
I Know You Love Her
I Like It
I Love My b*tches
I Luv
I Must Confess
I Need a Freak
I Wanna Do It
I Wanna Pimp You Hoe
I Want That
I Want To Be Free
I Want to Be Free (That's the Truth)
I Want Your Girl
I'll Never
I'm a Pimp
I'm a Player
I'm a Player
I'm A Stop
I'm Gone
I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) 2 -Tha Remix ft Twista, MJG, Too $hort, R. Kelly, Paul Wall, Pimp C
I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper (Remix)
I'm Pimpin'
I'm trippin
I'm Wit It
I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)
In and Out
In tha Oaktown
In the Studio
In the Trunk
In the Trunk (Glove Compartment radio mix)
In the Trunk (Glove Compartment Street mix)
In the Trunk (LP version)
In the Trunk (radio mix)
In the Trunk (Trunk o' Funk mix)
Indicud [Album Art + Tracklist]
International Player
Intro: Shorty the Pimp
Invasion Of Flat Booty b*tches
Invasion of the Flat Booty b*tches
Invasion of the Flat Booty b*tches (Erick Sermon Remix)
It Ain't Over
It Don't Stop
It Might Sound Crazy
It Might Sound Crazy (Remix)
It's a Cold Day (The Funk Wit U mix)
It's a Cold Day (The Funk Wit U Nix)
It's All Good
It's Alright
It's Time to Go
It's Your Life
Jazzy Hoe's Part 2
Jazzy Hoes
Jewels N' Drugs
Just a b*tch
Just a b*tch
Just Another Day
Just Like Dope
Keep Bouncin' (Street)
Keep f*ckin' Me
Keep Hustlin'
Late Nite Creep
Late Nite Creep
Latina Love
Lead the Way
Leave It Alone
Leave It To Me
Let Me See You Twerk
Let My Nuts Go
Let's Have a Party
Life Is 2009
Life Is... Too Short
Life of Da Party
Like a Pimp
Like Me
Lil' Shorty
Little Girls
Long Time
Look Out
Looking for a Baller
Looking for a Dollar
Looks 22
Lose My Number*
Lotta Hatin'
Love Again
Love Jones
Loyal (East Coast Version)
Loyal (Remix)
Loyal (West Coast Version)
Luv it how You get It
Mack Attack
Made 4
Maggie Mae
Maggot Brain
Make it Hot (Unlisted Bonus Track)
Makin' Papers
Married to the Game
Milk, Milk, Lemonade
Money in the Ghetto
Money Maker
Money Motivated
Money On the Floor
Money Over b*tches
More Freaky Tales
Movin' in Your Chucks
My b*tch
My Hype
My Stapler
Nasty Rhymes
Nation Riders
Nation Riders Anthem
Neva In My Life
Neva Left [Tracklist + Album Art]
Never Talk Down
New b*tch
No Chill
No Love From Oakland
No Passes
Nobody Does It Better
Nothing Feels Better
Oakland Style
Oakland, California
Oaktown (Remix)
Of All Things
Of All Things Türkçe Çeviri
Old School
On God
On My Level
On Point
Only Dimes
Only Out to f*ck
Only the Strong Survive
Or Nah
Or Nah (German Version)
Out There
Outro (Life Is... Too $hort)
Over Here
Paula & Janet
Pay Chekk
Pay Her
Pay Her*
Paystyle (Bosko & Banks Mix Yo)
Paystyle (Bosko's instrumental)
Paystyle (Boy Scout instrumental)
Paystyle (Boy Scout remix)
Pimp Council
Pimp Life
Pimp Me
Pimp On
Pimp sh*t
Pimp the Ho
Pimpin' & Jackin'
Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
Pimpin' Forever
Pimpin' Inc.
Pimping Forever
Playa Fo Life
Playa Like Me
Playaz Life
Playboy $hort (Get In Where You Fit In)
Playboy Short
Playboy Short II
Playboy Short II
Player Card
Player For Life
Players holiday
Players Holiday
Plots & Schemes (1997)
Pop One Of These
Pop That pus*y
Popped up & Smoked Up
Porno b*tch
Pull Them Panties Down
Pull Yo Trophies Out
Punk b*tch
Punk Hoe
Quit Hatin' Pt. 1
Quit Hatin' Pt. 2
Quit Hatin', Part 1
Quit Hatin', Part 2
R.I.P. (G-Mix)
Rake It Up
Rap Like Me
Rapper's Ball
Rapper's Ball (clean)
Real n*gga Love
Real n*ggaz
Reality Check
Recognize Game
Recognize Game
Respect The Pimpin
Ride (Down South)
Ride Wit Us
Ride Wit Us
Ride With Me
Right Now (Remix)
Run Me My Money Remix
S.A.B. (Remix)
Same Since '88
Sample The Funk
Save All That Love
Save All That Love (The Pimp Tape)
Say I
Set Up
Sexy Dancer
Shake It Baby
Shake That Monkey
She All About the Shmoney
She Know
She Loves Her
She the Type
She's A b*tch
sh*ttin' on 'Em
Short But Funky
Short Dog's in the House
Short Dog's in the House Album Art
Short Short
Short Side
Show Me What You Workin' Wit'
Show You The World
Shut Up Nancy - feat. Kokane
Skate On 'Em
Slide Through
Sliding Down the Pole
Sloppy Seconds Leftovers (Ekzakt Remix)
Smoke That sh*t
Smoke'Em Like a Blunt
So International
So Much Pearl In Here
So Watcha Sayin'
So You Want to Be a Gangster
Some Money
Some Money
Somethin' About Your Pimpin'
Something 'Bout Pimpin'
Something to Ride To
Statute of Limitations
Steal Your Mind
Step Daddy
Still Blowin
Still Strugglin'
Street Money
Strip Down
Suckas Do What They Can
Suckas Do What They Can (Real Playaz)
Sugar Daddy
Super Rhyme Maker
Sure Shot Singles: Too Short - c*cktales
Survivin' the Game
Sweat Ya Perm Out
Take My b*tch
Take You Home
Take Your
Talk sh*t
Talkin' sh*t
Tater Chips
Tell the Feds
Thangs Change
That Classic 1995 Tape side A & B
That Drama (Baby's Momma)
That's How it Goes Down
That's Right
That's Why
The b*tch Sucks di*k
The Compliments
The Dangerous Crew
The Game is Sold Not Told
The Game Taught Me
The Game Taught Me*
The Ghetto
The Loot
The Old Fashioned Way
The Song Continues On
The Universal Mix
The World Is Filled...
These Are the Tales
These Hoes Is Winnin'
Things We Can Do
Thinking Bout f*cking*
This How We Eat
This My One
This sh*t Pound
Time and Money
Tipper Love
Too Long
Too Short Homage
Top Down
Top Down
Top Down (Part II)
Toss It
Trick or Pimp*
Triple X
Trouble (Scared To Blast)
True Worldwide Playaz
Tryna Pay Me
Twerk Train
U Stank
Undercover Freaks
Vans (Remix)
Very Important Pimpin'
Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life [Album Art]
Wake 'Em Up
Wax the Booty
Way Too Real
We Are the Pioneers
We Do This
We Still Crunk !! [Credits]
We Still Crunk!! [Booklet]
We Want It
Welcome to California (Remix)
West Coast sh*t
What Happened to the Groupies
What She Gonna Do?
What The f*ck
What's a Pimp?
What's in Your Garage*
When You Gone Let Me
Where I'm From Remix
Where the Pimps At?
Where They At?
Whip Out
Whistle (Remix)
Who Need a B
Wild Wild West
Wineberry Over Gold Side A&B (Mixtape)
Workin' the Trunk
Yo Neck Yo Back
Yo Neck Yo Back (Clean)
You Came to Party
You Can't f*ck With Us
You Know What I Mean
You Might Get G'eed
You Nasty
You Thought
Your Sister
Yummy (Remix)