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20 Best Albums of 2015
20 Best Rap Albums of 2015
2015 1st Quarter Country Release Calendar
2015 1st Quarter Pop Release Calendar
2015 1st Quarter R&B Release Calendar
2015 1st Quarter Rap Release Calendar
2015 1st Quarter Rock Release Calendar
2015 2nd Quarter Country Release Calendar
2015 2nd Quarter Pop Release Calendar
2015 2nd Quarter R&B Release Calendar
2015 2nd Quarter Rap Release Calendar
2015 2nd Quarter Rock Release Calendar
2015 3rd Quarter Country Release Calendar
2015 3rd Quarter Pop Release Calendar
2015 3rd Quarter R&B Release Calendar
2015 3rd Quarter Rap Release Calendar
2015 3rd Quarter Rock Release Calendar
2015 4th Quarter Country Release Calendar
2015 4th Quarter Pop Release Calendar
2015 4th Quarter R&B Release Calendar
2015 4th Quarter Rap Release Calendar
2015 4th Quarter Rock Release Calendar
2015 Music Award Show Calendar
2015 Rebranding
24 Hour Contact
50 Best Rap Songs of 2015
50 Best Songs of 2015
88 Eights
@Genius “Memorial Page” for @RobinWilliams | #BornGenius
À supprimer
A World Before Detox
A$AP Mob Members
About Genius
Advertising @ Genius
Ako funguje Genius
Album Ranking Page 2015
Amor de Abril
Amor en Demencia
AMPARO (Capítulo. 3: Postrimería)
An Exegetical Study of “To Pimp a Butterfly”
An Introduction to Aussie Hip Hop
Annotation Revamp Proposal
April 1990 Album Release Calendar
April 2016 Album Release Calendar
April 2017 Album Release Calendar
April 2018 Album Release Calendar
April 2019 Album Release Calendar
April 2019 Singles Release Calendar
April 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Artist Acheive (EVAN DMMIX)
Artist Archive: 2Pac
Artist Archive: Eminem
Artist Archive: 6ix9ine
Artist Archive: Allie X
Artist Archive: Arctic Monkeys
Artist Archive: Ariana Grande
Artist Archive: Beyoncé
Artist Archive: Billie Eilish
Artist Archive: blink-182
Artist Archive: Blood Orange
Artist Archive: Camila Cabello
Artist Archive: Chance The Rapper
Artist Archive: Cozz
Artist Archive: Death Grips
Artist Archive: Depeche Mode
Artist Archive: Desiigner
Artist Archive: dodie
Artist Archive: Dr. Dre
Artist Archive: Drake
Artist Archive: Dua Lipa
Artist Archive: Emeli Sandé
Artist Archive: Fall Out Boy
Artist Archive: Finneas
Artist Archive: Foo Fighters
Artist Archive: Future Islands
Artist Archive: Generic Page
Artist Archive: gnash
Artist Archive: Green Day
Artist Archive: Halsey
Artist Archive: Harry Styles
Artist Archive: Hilltop Hoods
Artist Archive: Imagine Dragons
Artist Archive: Joey Bada$$
Artist Archive: Joyner Lucas
Artist Archive: Kacey Musgraves
Artist Archive: Kanye West
Artist Archive: Kendrick Lamar
Artist Archive: Kesha
Artist Archive: Kid Cudi
Artist Archive: Kodak Black
Artist Archive: Lil Uzi Vert
Artist Archive: Lil Wayne
Artist Archive: Linkin Park
Artist Archive: Little Mix
Artist Archive: Logic
Artist Archive: Lorde
Artist Archive: Lupe Fiasco
Artist Archive: Machine Gun Kelly
Artist Archive: MALINDA
Artist Archive: Masego
Artist Archive: Melanie Martinez
Artist Archive: Michael Jackson
Artist Archive: MIKA
Artist Archive: Milo
Artist Archive: Muse
Artist Archive: My Chemical Romance
Artist Archive: New Years Day
Artist Archive: Nicki Minaj
Artist Archive: NIKHEDONIA
Artist Archive: Panic! At The Disco
Artist Archive: Paramore
Artist Archive: Pearl Jam
Artist Archive: Post Malone
Artist Archive: Pouya
Artist Archive: Radiohead
Artist Archive: Rebecca Black
Artist Archive: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Artist Archive: Royce 5'9"
Artist Archive: Skylar Grey
Artist Archive: Smashing Pumpkins
Artist Archive: Talib Kweli
Artist Archive: Taylor Swift
Artist Archive: Teyana Taylor
Artist Archive: The Cure
Artist Archive: The Weeknd
Artist Archive: twenty one pilots
Artist Archive: Tyler, The Creator
Artist Archive: Vampire Weekend
Artist Archive: Whitney Houston
Artist Archive: Willie Nelson
Artist Archive: XXXTENTACION
Artist Archive: YUNGBLUD
Artists I Have Verified
Artists Needing Descriptions (20th Century non-rap)
Artists Needing Descriptions (Rap)
ASOIAF Theories
Ataraxia (Cap. 1)
Ataraxia (Cap. 2)
Ataraxia (Cap. 3)
Ataraxia (Cap. 4)
Ataraxia (Capítulo Final)
ATEEZ - Treasure (English Translation)
August 1990 Album Release Calendar
August 2016 Album Release Calendar
August 2017 Album Release Calendar
August 2018 Album Release Calendar
August 2019 Album Release Calendar
August 2019 Singles Release Calendar
August 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Aussie Hip-Hop Unified 2.0
Aussie Hip-Hop Unified 2.0: The Community
Back And Better
Bad Songs For Good People (Interlude)
Basic User Guide
Behind The Lyrics: The Complete Experience Playlist
Best Albums of 2016 Nominations
Best Songs of 2016 Nominations
Big c*ck
Blacker of Butterfly
Blessed Trooper
Block B - LOL (English translation)
But I Tryin'
Casa sin Cultura
Celebrities Who Have Completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Celebrities’ Style
Ceniza Agridulce: la última carta
CEO Vu Thanh Trung - The Journey To Become An Entrepreneur
Check the Rhyme Terms and Conditions
Coaching: Best Practices
Cold World (RZA mix)
Come Do Me
Community Core Values
Community Hangouts
Community Policy & Moderation Guidelines
Como Adicionar Artistas ao Genius
Cómo Verificar Tu Cuenta en Genius
Contest: Annotate Dr. Dre’s new album and win Beats Headphones!
Contributor Guidelines (Danish/Dansk)
Corazón de Piedra
C⊼P Genius | ♕³
Days leading up to Turbo Grafx 16
December 1990 Album Release Calendar
December 2016 Album Release Calendar
December 2017 Album Release Calendar
December 2018 Album Release Calendar
December 2019 Singles Release Calendar
December 2020 Album Release Calendar
December 2020 Singles Release Calendar
DECORUM (Capítulo. 4: Epifanía)
Delete me @genius
Delete pls
Delete this
Deltron 3030 Features Explained
Demo Memo
Desi rapper
Designer-panda(remix) feat dj-marcus_tunechi
DETRIMENTO (Capítulo. 7: Congoja)
DJ Cody "Feeling Lit" Official Lyrics & And Meaning | Verified
DJ Cody "You Really Late" Lyrics & Meaning | Verfied
DJ Mik “Door” Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
DJ Mik “Shooting With A Uzi” Lyrics & Meaning | Verfied
Doctor Who
Dolor Bohémico
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Duplicate 30252389
Dymanis: 2 parte
Dynamis: 1 parte
Ebriedad del Mosquetero
Editing Game of Thrones
Editor / Mediator Contact Listing
El mujerío
Eliminar (repetida)
Eminem Gets Verified on Genius
Epílogo (Ambidexter)
Every Drug Reference on At.Long.Last.A$AP
Everything Kanye West’s said in 2015: Annotated
Evolving Stories (Crowdsourced)
Existing Tags
Extinción Ajena
Eye Out Hill (Interlude)
F1rst rHyme Pad
Fall Out Boy Song Or Not
FATIGA (Capítulo. 0: Prólogo)
Favorite 90s Albums
Favorite Comfort Foods
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
February 1990 Album Release Calendar
February 2016 Album Release Calendar
February 2017 Album Release Calendar
February 2018 Album Release Calendar
February 2018 Album Release Calendar (Duplicate)
February 2019 Album Release Calendar
February 2019 Singles Release Calendar
February 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Feel The Pain
Feudo Familiar
Five Best Verses On Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Fool’s Gold Day Off Giveaway
Formatting and Markdown Guide
Genius Awards 2014
Genius Awards 2014 Results
Genius Awards 2015
Genius Awards 2015 Results
Genius Awards 2016
Genius Awards 2016 Results
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Genius Awards 2017 Results
Genius Awards 2018
Genius Awards 2018 Results
Genius Awards 2019
Genius Awards 2019 Results
Genius Branches
Genius Dictionary
Genius FAQ
Genius for iPhone is here!
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Genius für iPhone ist da!
Genius Holiday Gift Exchange 2K14
Genius International Communities
Genius Privacy Policy
Genius Projects Hub
Genius Pyong Terminology
Genius Season 3 Pre-Season
Genius Season 3: Standings
Genius Season 3: Total Points
Genius Season 3: Week 1
Genius Season 3: Week 2
Genius Username Definitions
Genius Users Summer Playlist
Genius User’s New Year Resolutions 2015
Getting Involved With Genius Projects
Give me a hundred thumbs up. PLEASE!!!
Good Songs
Good Times
GOT7 - Thursday (Romanized)
Grammy Genius
Grand Momma
Hair Genius
Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2014
Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2015
History In The Making
History of Black Music
Hood Gospel
How Genius Works
How Spike Lee Could Fix The “Chi-Raq” Soundtrack
How to Activate Genius Annotations
How to Add Song Credits to Genius
How to Add Songs to Genius
How To Annotate & Edit On Genius
How to Annotate & Transcribe Musicals on Genius
How To Annotate Artwork On Genius
How to Create and Format a Cleanup Page
How to Deal with Spam in Lyrics
How to Edit Metadata on Genius
How to Embed Text and Annotations
How to Get Verified on Genius
How To Put Lyrics Into HTML Tables
How To Tracklist an Album on Genius
How to Translate Songs on Genius
How to turn your background color black
How to use Genius to fact-check the Internet
How to use Genius to make your site annotatable
How To Write Q&A On Genius
Huesos & Rosas
Hunnet Love
Hyperlinking Tools
Hypothetically Gray
I Gotcha' Back
Important Moments in History of Rap
Interview With G-Eazy (Must Be Nice)
IQ Bonus: November 2019
January 1990 Album Release Calendar
January 2016 Album Release Calendar
January 2017 Album Release Calendar
January 2018 Album Release Calendar
January 2019 Album Release Calendar
January 2019 Singles Release Calendar
January 2020 Singles Release Calendar
January 2021 Album Release Calendar
Je Bloque
Jobs at Genius
July 1990 Album Release Calendar
July 2016 Album Release Calendar
July 2017 Album Release Calendar
July 2017 Album Release Calendar (Duplicate)
July 2018 Album Release Calendar
July 2019 Album Release Calendar
July 2019 Singles Release Calendar
July 2020 Singles Release Calendar
June 1990 Album Release Calendar
June 2016 Album Release Calendar
June 2017 Album Release Calendar
June 2018 Album Release Calendar
June 2019 Album Release Calendar
June 2019 Singles Release Calendar
June 2020 Singles Release Calendar
June 25th 2013
Kanye West’s 2019 Sunday Services
Kim K
Lacerando el Alma: un suicidio poético
Lady Gaga Cleanup
LeBron vs. Curry In Hip-Hop
Letargo Idílico
Life Of A Drug Dealer
List Of Deceased Hip-Hop Artists (Netherlands)
List Of Deceased Hip-Hop Artists (United Kingdom)
List of Genius Social Media Accounts
List of Helpful Programs and Web-Apps
List of Internet Phenomena
Listed_MIA’s (Severley incomplete) Physical Music Collection
Lit Genius Community Intros
Literary & Cultural References to Arby’s
Live Blogging the 2015 Grammys
Living Foul
Local overview: Sydney, Australia
Logic contest: The Results
March 1990 Album Release Calendar
March 2016 Album Release Calendar
March 2017 Album Release Calendar
March 2018 Album Release Calendar
March 2019 Album Release Calendar
March 2019 Singles Release Calendar
March 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Marionetas de Rosas
May 1990 Album Release Calendar
May 2016 Album Release Calendar
May 2017 Album Release Calendar
May 2018 Album Release Calendar
May 2019 Album Release Calendar
May 2019 Singles Release Calendar
May 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Metástasis de Turbación
Midt I Al Støjen Er Der Helt Stille
Mike Posner on Virginia Woolf, Misunderstood Lyrics, and Being Buried in Detroit
Mod Jobs
Moderator and Staffer Contact Listing
Moderator Tips
Most Anticipated Albums Of 2016
Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
Most IQ on a Single Song Page
Most Quotable Lyrics From What A Time To Be Alive
Movie Quotes Used in Music
Mundos Pequeños
Murder She Wrote
My Coo b*tch
Mystic101 Joining Another Record Label
Mystic101 The Next Youngest Rapper
New Chains
Nicki Minaj: Lyrical Queen | Genius Live Interview
No hoe remix
No L0vīn
No Limit
No love
No Rush
No Way
Not Found
November 1990 Album Release Calendar
November 2016 Album Release Calendar
November 2017 Album Release Calendar
November 2018 Album Release Calendar
November 2019 Singles Release Calendar
November 2020 Album Release Calendar
November 2020 Singles Release Calendar
October 1990 Album Release Calendar
October 2016 Album Release Calendar
October 2017 Album Release Calendar
October 2018 Album Release Calendar
October 2019 Singles Release Calendar
October 2020 Album Release Calendar
October 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Oh Well
OMISIÓN (Capítulo. 1: Silencio)
One Year Later
Pain Go Away
Pedazo de Vida
Per Cápita
Perfecta Imperfección
Phony as Ya Wanna Be
Phony As You Wanna Be
Piensa luego siente
Pious Lies
Press Genius
Prólogo (Ambidexter)
PRO’s (Performance Rights Organizations)
PSIQUEMANCIA (Capítulo Final: Flagelación)
PUGNA (Capítulo. 5: Vacilación)
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jay Z’s “December 4th?”
Quote Trees
Ranking Page: 100 Best Albums of the 2010s
Ranking Page: 25 Best Albums & 25 Best Songs of 2019 So Far
Ranking Page: 50 Best Albums & 50 Best Songs of 2018
Ranking Page: 50 Best Albums & 50 Best Songs of 2019
Ranking Page: 50 Best Albums // 50 Best Songs of 2017
Rap Calendar
Rap Genius Trends: Q1 2015
Rap Genius Trends: Q2 2015
Rap Genius Trends: Q3 2015
Rapper adlibs
Rapsoda Morlaco
RazzyKapor Declares a new Gang’'NEW SCHOOL THUGS’' #NST
RIDCLAYZZ - (I)Legal Lyrics
Ruiz & Zorra
Savage Mode
Second Project
Sentimientos Lastimados
September 1990 Album Release Calendar
September 2016 Album Release Calendar
September 2017 Album Release Calendar
September 2018 Album Release Calendar
September 2019 Singles Release Calendar
September 2020 Album Release Calendar
September 2020 Singles Release Calendar
Seven Ghostwritten Songs Every Rap Fan Should Know
Singles Release Calendar (August 15th-21st)
Singles Release Calendar (August 1st-7th)
Singles Release Calendar (August 8th-14th)
Singles Release Calendar (July 18th-24th)
Singles Release Calendar (July 25th-31st)
Singles Release Calender (December 4th-21st)
Slang For Policemen
Smash Hits From the 90's
Snapchat accounts of american rappers
Sober ????
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Song Headers in Different Languages
Song Parts
Song Ranking Page 2015
Song templates
SOTY List 2015 - Second Draft
Speak Up
Standardized Additional Roles
Statik Selektah: Lucky 7 Features Explained
Stop The Nonsense
Tags - Music (Genres/International)
Tags - Music (Type/Competitions/Festivals/Translations)
Tags - Non-Music
Talking My sh*t
Temores Inertes
The 50 Best Albums of 2016 Ranking Page
The 50 Best Songs of 2016 Ranking Page
The Best of 50 Cent Contest Giveaway Terms and Conditions
The Bro
The Classic J.s
The Demon of The Butterfly
The f*cking Homer
The Genius is Slammin'
The Genius ISMs
The Mental Mirror
The Mental Mirror 2
The Nicki Minaj Index
The Nine Most Underrated Albums of 2015 (So Far)
The Plan
The Race (Tay-K Remix)
The Rap Geniuses of 2015
The Ultimate Transcriber's Guide
The women who inspired Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise
This Week in Music - Dec. 28th, 2015 - Jan. 3rd, 2016
This Week in Music - Jan. 11th - 17th, 2016
This Week in Music - Jan. 18th - 24th, 2016
This Week In Music - Jan. 25th - Feb. 1st, 2016
This Week in Music - Jan. 4th - 10th, 2016
Those Were The Days
Thread-making Guidelines
Time Machine mk1 [demo]
To Pimp a Butterfly pt. 1
To Pimp a Butterfly pt. 2
To Pimp a Butterfly Reviews
Today in Music - January 2nd, 2016
Today in Music - January 3rd, 2016
Top 10 Jazz Users
Top 100 Deutsche Songs
Top 100 French Songs of 2015
Top 100 Pop Songs
Top 100 R&B Songs
Top 100 Rock Songs
Top 20 Country Users
Top 25 Screen Users
Top 50 Pop Users
Top 50 Rap Users
Top 50 Rock Users
Transcription Fill-Ins
Transcription Priorities—May 2016
Trap Phone
Tributes To Alan Rickman
Tributes To David Bowie
True Detective Season 2 Theories
True Fresh Mc
UBÉRRIMO (Capítulo. 6: Lánguido)
Unusual and Weird Musical Instruments
URGENT: KHarlles is found dead in his house! Sep 15, 2019
User Interview: BuhHromu
Users with more than 5,000 IQ
Users with more than 50,000 IQ
Users’ Languages
VACUO (Capítulo. 2: Desdén)
Valentine’s Day Playlists
Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt 2015
Verano en la cuidad del Páramo
Verified Account FAQ
Vidéothèque : Tech N9ne
Vote Now: Rap Genius Year End Lists 2015
Walk 4 Real
Walt Whitman: Making Emerson’s “Nature” Come Alive
Weapons of Free Fire
Wednesday Text
What Are Silly Girls Made Of
What is a Contributor?
What is a Mediator?
What is a Moderator?
What is an Editor?
What's Clean: Aussie Hip-Hop Edition
What's Clean: Skizzy Mars Edition
What’s Clean: Prozak Edition
What’s Clean: 50 Cent
What’s Clean: Eminem
What’s Clean: Hoodie Allen Edition
What’s Clean: Jon Bellion Edition
What’s Clean: Kiesza Edition
What’s Clean: Led Zeppelin Edition
What’s Clean: Machine Gun Kelly Edition
What’s Clean: Mike Stud Edition
What’s Clean: Pusha T
What’s Clean: Tech N9ne Edition
What’s Clean: The Guide
What’s Clean: XV Edition
Who's Your Rhymin' Hero
Words From A Genius
Worldwide Choppers (Genius Remix)
Young And Rich [Tracklisting + Album Art]
Young Homer Pt. 2
Young Homer Pt. 4
Young Thug & Travis Scott Tracklist
Your Favorite Video Game
Zippy Kid Gets Verified on Genius
Zoom Thru Cool
¿Y yo?
​good kid, m.A.A.d city Storyline Breakdown
​​nostalgia, ULTRA / channel ORANGE [Co-Tracklist]
“Almost Famous” Video Breakdown
“Alright” Video Breakdown
“Bad Blood” Video Breakdown
“Blank Space” Video Breakdown
“By the Numbers” NBA2K Sweepstakes Rules
“I Mean It” Video Breakdown
“Lemonade” Video Breakdown
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