Canibus Lyrics

Ironworld (2018)

Forgotten Ones - A Decade Documented (2017)

Masterpiece Theater (2017)

Second Thoughts. (2017)

Horrorglyphics (2016)

Pyramid (2016)

Sins of the Unforgiven (2016)

The Rap Apocalypse (2016)

Flight RTJ2: The Layover (2015)

Lyrical Law (Special Edition) (2015)

Pro's Laboratory 3 (2015)

The Urban Hitchcock LP (2015)

3 Assassins (2014)


Deadlivers (2014)

Uncensored Content (2013)

Audio Therapy (2012)

Carbon Cycle Diaries (2012)

Empire of Fear (2011)

Galactik (2011)

Nothing To Lose But Change (2011)

Z-Biscellaneous 2011 (2011)

The Dream Catcher (2010)

The Real Shit (2010)

Art of Resistance (2009)

Canibus and Keith Murray are the Undergods (EP) (2009)


Noir World (2009)

The Foundation (2009)

Z-Biscellaneous 2009 (2009)

J-Love Presents Kool G Rap - The Originator (Mixtape) (2008)

Streetsoul: The Compilation (2008)

The C of Tranquility Demo (2008)

The Next Step (2008)

Alien Warfare Vol. 1 (2007)

Hood Politics V (2007)

Sci-Wars (2007)

Second Nature 1.5 (2007)

The Dark Sun (2007)

The Prequel (2006)

Time Capsule (2006)

Def Con Zero (2005)

Q.U. Soldier (2005)

Z-Biscellaneous 2005 (2005)

Protect Ya Neck (2004)

The Beast from the East (Mixtape) (2004)

Entends Mes Images (2003)

Rip the Jacker: Evidence of Infinity 3 (2003)

Z-Biscellaneous 2002 (2002)

Z-Biscellaneous 2000 (2000)

Hempstead High (1999)

Office Space (OST) (1999)


Z-Biscellaneous 1999 (1999)

Sprung: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (1997)

Above Ground Level

Angles of Attack

Deluxe: The Urban Hitchcock LP

Diamond's Style

Flight RTJ2 - The Layover (Mixtape)

Freestyle Files

Hood Politics Vol. 5

Poetical Minded

Reverse Polarity 2 Infinity


The Backlash

The Tathagata Vol. 1

Venomous Ink Emcees (V.I.E.) - Single

Z-Biscellaneous 1996

Z-Biscellaneous 1998

Z-Biscellaneous 2013

Other Songs

'C' Section
-생중계바카라% ( 【¶ GO673。CoM¶】 ) %슈퍼카지노
100 Bar Beast
100 Bars
103 Jamz Freestyle
2 Ils
2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
2012 A.D (After Dizaster)
2017 Canibus Features Update
33 3's
3RD QTR 2015 Canibus Features Update
4 Bars
4, 3, 2, 1
4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix)
4, 3, 2, 1 (Original Verse)
6 Blankas
88 Hip-Hop Freestyle
A Different Vibe in L.A.
A Great Day in Hip-Hop
About That Time
Addict, Pt. 2
Adversarial Theatre of Justice
Aids is Gold, HIV is Platinum
Air Strike (Pop Killer)
Alien Ancestors
All Clap
Allied Meta-Forces
Altered Beasts
Amazing Stories
American Dream
Ammo Cans
Ancient Art
Another One Bites the Dust (Remix)
Apache Chassis
Apocalyptic Reinforcements
Architects of Alchemy
Artifacts Freestyle
Authentic Level Of Greatness
Available Nowhere
Back To Back
Back Wit' Heat
Baggin' Up Da Poundz
Bar War Sample
Bars Born Natural
Battle Buddies 4 Life
Beasts from the East
Beat Butcha Get Em
Behind Enemy Rhymes
Benny Riley
Bis & Bayne
Bis vs. Rip
Bis vs. Rip (Original Version)
Black Lithium
Black Steven Speaks
Blackout - Toronto Freestyle
Blacktop Stock and Word Bond
Blak Iz Blak
Blakmilc Want Freedom
Bonus Track
Bop Your Head
Box Cutta' Blade Runner
Boyz 2 Men
Brainwash Reversal
Breathe Freestyle
Brilliant Android
Broken Thoughts Frozen Heart
Bronze Horses
Buckingham Palace
Burning Down the House
C Scrolls
C True Hollywood Stories
Call Me (From Louisville)
Calling All Soldiers
Can't Stop The Shining (Rip Rock pt. 2)
Canibus /\ Cambatta
Canibus Audiobiography (Part 01)
Canibus Freestyle
Canibus Freestyle - Doo Wop
Canibus Man
Canibus vs. Dizaster
Canibust Remix
Caribbean Connection
Cathy Dollanganger
Cenior Studies 02
Channel Zero
Channel Zero (Original Version)
Cingularity Point
Cingularity Point (Original)
Close To Me
Collateral Damage
Collecting Taxes
Concourse P
Cptn Cold Crush
Crisis Music
CTHS Outro
Curb Your Ego
Curriculum 101
Cypher of Agartha
Cypher of Bread and Butter
Cypher of Five Mics
Cypher of Steel
Cypher with Self
Da Aftershock
Da Paycut
Da Shock
Da' Facelift
Dead by Design
Dear Academy
Death by Beretta
Def Con Zero
Desperados 2
Detox Infinity
Die Slow
Discography (Non-Album Songs)
DJ Clue Freestyle
DJ Flam Freestyle
DJ Keeps Playing (Blackout Remix)
Do It Live!
Do This
Don't Hurt Nobody
Doomsday News
Douleurs Communes
Dr. C. Ph.D
Dr. Manhattan In Action
Draft Me
Drama A/T
Drugs Make the World Go Round
Dyson's Fear of Spheres
Ebonic Ebola
Enemies of the State (Remix)
Escape To Victory
Even The Odds
Exobus Scripts
Fait Accompli
Falster Ego
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four 2017
Father Author, Poor Pauper
Fight With the Champ
First Deployment
Follow El Shaddai
Follow My Lead
For Whom the Beat Tolls
Fourth Windz Blow
Fraternity of the Impoverished
Free Words
Freestyle 97
Freestyle A Chorus
Full Battle Rattle
Future Flavas Freestyle
Get Off Ya Knees
Get Off Yankeez
Get Retarded
Ghetto People Song
Give It More
God$Les$ America
Gold & Bronze Magik
Gold Trigga
Golden Terra of Rap
Golden Terra of Rap (iM Remix)
Gone In 60 Seconds
Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix)
Good Equals Evil
Got b*tches
Gotta Be Real
Gotta Get That Doe
Grab the Mic and Boo You
Greatest Freestyle
Group Home Family
Gun Clap
Gun Ho City
Handle the Heights
Harbinger of Light
Harry Fox Hates Hip Hop
Hate U 2
Hell's Angels
Here 4 Free
High Price Shots
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Top Brass
Hip-Hop Black Ops
Hip-Hop Body Rock
Hollow Heart
Horsemen Talk
Hot 97 Freestyle
Hot 97 Freestyle
Hot But Cold Blooded
Hotel (Remix)
Hott Tonight
House of Slaughter
How Come
How Many Emcees
How the Story Goes
How We Roll
HRSHU Attack
Hypermixer 2012
I Can - U Can't
I Gotcha'
I Gotta Story 2 Tell
I Honor U
I Wish You Would
I'll Buss 'Em U Punish 'Em
I'm a Threat
Ice Cream Freestyle
Iceberg Slick Phonecall
Immaculate Bosses
In Common
In the Rain
Inception (2012 Juice Crew)
Industry Lifestyle
Inner G
Internal Affairs
Intro (Rip the Jacker)
It's Going Down
It's Logic
It's No Other Than
Its a Cold, Cold World
J Clone
Javelin Fangz
Jazzy Freestyle
Job Interview
Jurassic 5 Freestyle
K.O. Masacre en Textos
Kill The Conjecture
King Piece in the Chess Game
King Piece in the Chess Game
Kriminal Kindness
La Street
Ladies & Willies
Ladies and Willies (Remix)
Last Laugh
Layered Prayers
Lean Back Freestyle
Leather Steeds
Legendary Cypher
Lemmie Hear Sumthin' Else
Let The Beat Fly
Let's Ride
Letter From Head Trauma
Letter to Canibus
Liberal Arts
Life Liquid
Liquid Wordz
Literate Lyricists
Live Dublin Freestyle
Lizard Beast Face
Loose With It
Lost @ 'C'
Lunar Deluge
Luv U 2
Lyrical Law Intro
Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes
Lyrical Law vs. Royce Da 5'9"
Lyrical Noir
Lyrical Warfare
Lyrics Still Matter
Madd Science Collaboration
Magnum Innominandum
Majestic Mic Masters
Making a Name for Ourselves
March of Thunder
Master Thesis
Matte Blk Rapana
Matter of Time
Melatonin Magik
Merchant of Metaphors
Metal Gear Metaphors
Metaphor Meteors
Metaphor Meteors
Mic Club Intro
Mic Club Mascot
Mic Club Outro
Microphone Meticulousness
Mikey Destruction, Devastating Tito & DJ Slice
Military Freestyle
Mind Control
Ministry of Truth
Monsters Freestyle
Music Makes Me High (REMIX)
Musiquarium Radio Part III
My Block Is Your Block
My Crew
My Name
My Name is Nobody
Nationwide Ruckus
Necromancer Romantic
Never Run
No Airplay
No Brainer
No Doubt
No Doubt (Ghetto Pella Remix)
No Return
Not 4 Play
October 23rd
Oh No Freestyle
One Blood
One More Bar
One Ought Not to Think
Only Care About Infinity
Only Infinity
Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M.
Ordo Ab Chao
Over & Out
Papyrus Prophecies
Paranoid Chillin'
Patriots (Original)
Patriots II
Pay Me in Gold
Pay Me in Gold (Remix)
PhilaFlava Freestlye
Phuk U
Pine Cone Poem
Pine Cone Poems Pt. 2
Poet Laureate
Poet Laureate II
Poet Laureate Infinity
Poet Laureate Infinity V003
Poet Laureate Infinity V004
Post Traumatic WarLab Stress
Power 106 Freestyle
Priesthood (Horsemen Mix)
Princes of Persia
Protect Ya Neck Freestyle
Psych Evaluation
Punch Lines
Pure Uncut Remix
R U Lyrically Fit?
Rap Catacombs
Ras Kass & Canibus Freestyle
Real Hip Hop Freestyle
Resurrectors Of The Golden Age
Return From Mecca
Rhythmatic Jiu Jitsu
Right Now
Right, Little Time Left
Rip Iz Alive
Rip Rock
Rip the Jacker
Rip The Jacker 2 IIIFINITY DVD LP - 9.14.2012
Rip vs. Poet Laureate
Rise of the Machines
Rock Wit Us
Royal Flush Freestyle
RTJ II Track 09 Layer 1
RTJ2 Rip the Reptilyan
Say It Again (Street Remix)
Say It Ain't So
Second Round K.O.
Second Round K.O. (Extended)
Secret Weapons
Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts
Shaky Love
Sharpshootaz Blastin' Caps
Sharpshooter Masters
Shout Out to Lost Boyz
Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee
Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee - [Social Revolution - Labor/Unions USH]
Show 'Em How
Show Offs
Show'em What Crazy Is
Showtime at the Gallow
Sins of the Unforgiven
Sit Yo Hot Ass Down
Slay Da Track
Snakes & Ladders
So Into You
So Into You (feat. Juli Egaro)
Some sh*t
Speaker Creatures
Spit Sickness
Stan Lives! (Skit)
Star Spangled Banger (Outro)
State vs. Kirk Jones
Stomp On Ya Brain
Stop Frontin
Stop Smokin'
Stupid Producers
Sundullah Spit Bullz
Super Human
Super Ninjas
SuperLuminal Travel
Take 'Dat
Talent Recruiter 33
Talk the Talk
Tell 'Em
Tetragrammaton Gods
Tha Dungeon
That's It
The Ancient Ones
The Architects
The Art of Yo
The Backlash
The Ballad
The Brainstream
The Bronzeman 2
The C-Quel
The Destroyer
The Dragon of Judah
The Dream Catcher
The Dungeon
The Emerald Cypher
The Evening News
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Fourth Seal
The Fusion Centre
The Future
The Ghost of Hip Hop's Past
The Goetia
The Golden Cypher
The Guilty Will Pay
The Hip Hop Grail
The Horsemen (Are Here)
The Impact
The Kings Sent For Me
The Last Christians
The Lullaby of Champions
The Messenger's Message
The Mic Disease
The Mithril OreDer
The Odds
The Omen
The Primary Axiom
The Principle of Equivalence
The Purpose
The Rhyme Heaterz (The Symphony XXI)
The Rip Off
The Rude Boy Oscars
The Type That
There Has He Been
They Don't Know
This Ain't The Movies
This Is Not a Dream
This Is Rome
This sh*t Right Here
Throw It Up
Tibetan Black Magicians
Tim Westwood Freestyle
Time Is An Illusion
Time Travelers
Title 17 USMC
Torsion Fields
U Can't f*ck With the Canibus Man
U Didn't Care
U Don't Cee
U Know Who
Undergods Roll
United fire
Universal MCs
Universal Soldiers
Venomous Ink Emcees
Venomous Spit (B.K. Anthem)
Vitruvian Canman
Wake up show freestyle
War Porn
Watch Who U Beef Wit
We Blackout Too
What Have You
What You Lookin' For
What's Going On
Who Ownz You?
Who Shot Ya Freestyle
Who Stopped Ya?
Who Writes the Songs
Woof Tickets
Worthlessness Purpose
Wreck Room
Y'all Can't Ball
Ya Teef Iz Yellow
Yale University Freestyle
Yeng Meng
You Can't f*ck With the Canibus Man
Your Irish Accent
Your Saviour Freestyle
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