Common Lyrics

Bangers (2019)

Return of the SP1200 (2019)

Smallfoot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] (2018)

Live at the Jazz Room (2017)

Marshall (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture) (2017)

Barbershop: The Next Cut (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016)

DJ Keynote Speakaz presents The Remixes, Vol. III: The Triplication (2016)

BEcoming (2015)

Legend (2015)

PRhyme Instrumentals (2015)

Selma (Music from the Motion Picture) (2015)

Train of Thought: Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases & Beautiful B-Sides Vol. 1 (2015)

Starting On JV (2009)

Guru's Jazzmatazz: The Mixtape: Back to the Future (2008)

Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 - The Hip-Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future (2007)

Hip-Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape (2006)

My Homies Part 2 (Bonus CD) (2006)

Chapter 3: The Flesh (2005)

Hits U Missed Vol. 2 (2005)

Come Close Remix (Closer) (2003)

Ground Original Presents: Claimstake (2003)

Shaquille O'Neal Presents His Superfriends, Vol. 1 (2001)

The Hurricane Soundtrack (2000)

Whiteboys (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

Beats for Insomniacs (1998)

Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) (1997)

Brick House (1997)

I Will Survive (Doin’ It My Way) (1996)

Relativity Urban Assault (1996)

Bad Benson (1974)

I Fixed The Internet

Killing Puritans

Live Today

Make It Happen

The Union MixTape

Other Songs

(Lately) I've Been Thinking
1'2 Many...
1, 2 Many
16 Bars
1999 - Street Version
2018 Oscar Freestyle
7 Deadly Sins
8 Minutes to Sunrise
90 In The Red (Interlude)
A Bigger Picture Called Free
A Dream
A Film Called (Pimp)
A Freestyle Song
A Great Day in Hip-Hop
A Letter to the Law
A Moment in the Sun Interlude
A Penny For My Thoughts
A Song for Assata
Act Too (The Love of My Life)
Act Too.. The Love Of My Life
Again (Remix)
All Night Long
All That I Am (Something For The People)
Always There
Announcement - sped up
Another wasted night with...
Another Wasted Nite With...
Any Given Sunday
Any Given Sunday
At What Kost
Baby Tonight (Black Radio 2 Theme) / Mic Check 2
Back Home
Back to Basics
Bad Things
Band & DJ Introductions (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Be (Intro)
Be (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Be [Credits]
Belly Breathe
BET Cypher 2010 (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, & Common)
Better Than Yours
Between Me, You & Liberation
Black America Again
Black America Again (Remix)
Black America Again [Tracklist + Album Cover]
Blak Majik
Blows to the Temple
Blue Sky
Bogus Women Interlude
Book of Life
Break My Heart
Breaker 1/9
Breaker 1/9 (Beatnuts Remix)
Breaker 1/9 (Slope Remix)
Bull's-Eye (Suddenly)
Car Horn
Car Horn (Madlib remix)
Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs. Poor Man)
Charms Alarm
Chatper 13 (rich Man Vs. Poor Man)
City To City
Classic Hip Hop Albums
Come Close
Come Close
Come Close (album version)
Come Close - Edited Album Version
Come Close Remix
Common Free Style
Common Freestyle
Common Freestyle
CpH Claimin' Respect #2
Cranes In The Sky
D.J. Higgins, The 1975, Common
Dance For Me
Dance For Me
Days of Our Lives
Dear John
Detroit [Credits]
Diggin' in the Crates Interlude (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Do the Right Thang
Don't Charge Me for the Crime
Don't Come My Way
Drivin' Me Wild
Electric wire hustle flower
Electric Wire Hustle Flower
Embrace the Chaos
Enough Beef
Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)
Faithful (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Favorite Song
Feel Like (Love Love)
Ferris Wheel
Fight Or Flight (Remix)
Finding Forever [Tracklist]
Fine China (Remix)
Fly Ass Pisces
Food for Funk
Forever Begins
Forever Black America Again
Freestyle Acapella w/ Hot 93.7 Morning Crew
Full Moon
Full Moon (vocal)
Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
Funky for You
Funky For You (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)
Get 'Em High (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Get Em High
Get Em High Feat. Kanye West/Talib Kweli
Geto Heaven (Remix T.S.O.I. - The Sound of Illadelph)
Geto Heaven Part Two
Gettin' Down at the Amphitheater
Gettin' down at the ampitheater (featuring de la soul)
Ghetto Dreams
Ghetto Dreams (Remix)
Ghetto Show
Glory (Mick Boogie remix)
Glory - group text set
Go (All You Deliver)
Go! (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
God Is Freedom
GOOD Friday
GOOD Music BET Cypher
Heaven Somewhere
Heidi Hoe
Heidi Hoe (radio edit)
High Expectations
High Post Brotha
Hurricane (cartier burgundy Remix)
Hustle Harder
I Am Music
I Got a Right Ta
I Poke Her Face
I Stand Alone
I Used to Love H.E.R.
I Used to Love H.E.R. (Kimg Most mix)
I Used to Love H.E.R. (radio edit)
I Used to Luv H.E.R. (Again)
I Want You
I've Been Pimp'n
I've Been Thinking
In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)
In My Own World
In My Own World (Check the Method)
In the Light Remix (For U)
In the Sun
Invocation (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
It's Your World (Part 1 & 2)
Jesus Piece
Jesus Walks (Remix)
Jesus Walks Remix Version 2
JImi Was a Rock Star
John Legend’s “Glory”
Joy and Peace
Just in the Nick of Rhyme
Keep It Down
Keep On
Kingdom Remix
La Fiesta
Let It Lie
Let's Move
Letter to the Free
Life Goes On
Like They Used to Say
Like They Used to Say (Hi-Tekstrumental)
Like They Used to Say (Street version)
Little Chicago Boy
Live For Today
Live From the D.J. Stretch Armstrong Show
Live Today
Love Is…
Love it or Leave it Alone/Welcome to Jamrock (Unplugged)
Love Of My Life
Love of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)
Love Of My Life (Live 1999)
Lovin' I Lost
LUV (Excerpt)
Made in Black America
Magic Man
Make Her Say (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
Make Her Say (I Poke Her Face)
Make My Day
Make Something
Make Something
Making a Name for Ourselves
Maybe One Day
Microphone Check: No Defense
Music for life
Music For Life
My City
My Way
My Way Home
Nag Champa
Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World)
Nag Champa (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Neo Funk
Never Give Up
New Wave
Next Time
Next Time (Just Wright)
No Defense
No Fear
No Good
No Sell Out
Nobody's Smiling
Nobody's Smiling Album Art/Tracklist
Nuthin' to Do
On a Whim Interlude
One Four Love (Pt. 1)
One-Nine-Nine-Nine (Infinitstrumental)
One-Nine-Nine-Nine (Street version)
Open Letter Part II (Remix)
Open Letter Part III (Remix)
Orange Pineapple Juice
Out on Bond
Payback Is a Grandmother
Phone Call Interlude (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Piano Interlude
Pitchin' Pennies
Play Dis (99 Sox Remix)
Play Dis (Remix)
Play Your Cards Right
Pop's Rap
Pop's Rap Part 2 / Fatherhood
Pop's Rap III
Pops Belief
Pretty Bird (Freestyle)
Punch Drunk Love
Punch Drunk Love
Puppy Chow
Put The Guns Down
Put The Guns Down (G Herbo Verse)
Raw (How You Like It)
Ready or Not
Real Compared To What
Real n*gga Quotes
Real People
Real People
Real People (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Record Report Albums: Common Sense – Can I Borrow A Dollar?
Red Wine
Reminding Me
Reminding Me (of Sef)
Respiration (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
Ressurection (Large Professor remix)
Resurrection '95
Resurrection '95 (Extra P mix)
Resurrection (DJ Honda remix)
Resurrection (Extra P Remix)
Resurrection (Extra-P remix)
Resurrection (Large Professor remix)
Resurrection (Omega One remix)
Retrospect for Life
Revelations 3:8 Introduction
Rewind That
Sex 4 Suga
Sex With You
She Gon' Have It
She Wants to Move (Native Tongues Remix)
Simple As...
Six Ft Over
Slam Pit
Slow Jams Interlude (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
So Cool
So Far So Good
So Far to Go
So Far to Go
Soul By the Pound
Soul by the Pound (Thump Mix Instrumental)
Soul By the Pound (Thump Mix Remix)
Soul Power
Southside (snippet)
Southside - Edited Album Version
Spark Da Meth
Speak My Piece
Speak To Em
Stand Up for Something
Star 69 (PS with Love)
Start the Show (Extended)
State of Clarity
State of Clarity (Solar remix)
State to State
State To State
Stay Schemin (Remix)
Stay Schemin'
Still Got It
Stolen Moments (Intro and Outro by Q-Tip)
Stolen Moments Pt. I
Stolen Moments Pt. II
Stolen Moments Pt. III
Story by Common
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit - [Social Revolution - Negro Civil Rights USH]
Sum sh*t I Wrote
Summer Madness
Sun God (prod. by Hi-Tek)
Sunshine (Remix)
Sway ABFF Freestyle
Sway in the Morning Freestyle Pt. 1
Sweet Freestyle (Live in Chicago)
Switch Up
Take It EZ
Task Force X
Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
Testify (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
That Life
The 6th Sense (instrumental with cuts)
The 6th Sense (instrumental without cuts)
The 6th Sense (Something You Feel)
The Believer
The Believer (Remix)
The b*tch in Yoo
The b*tch in Yoo
The b*tch in Yoo (Havoc version)
The b*tch in Yoo (live at Tramps 1996)
The b*tch in Yoo (Original)
The Bizness
The Bizness
The Body Rock
The Changing World
The City (Cold World)
The Corner
The Corner (instrumental)
The Corner (Last Poet reprise)
The Corner (LP a cappella)
The Corner (LP)
The Corner (radio a cappella)
The Corner (radio)
The Corner (remix)
The Corner (Remix)
The Cross
The Day Women Took Over
The Dreamer
The Food
The Food
The Food (Live)
The Game
The Hustle
The Jungle
The Ladder
The Light
The Light '08 (It's Love)
The Light (Heartbeats)
The Light (instrumental)
The Light (remix)
The Light (Remix)
The Light [for U] [Remix]
The Morning
The Movement
The Neighborhood
The Next Chapter (Still Love H.E.R.)
The People
The People (LP version)
The People (radio edit)
The Questions
The Remedy
The Remedy
The Show (Must Go On)
The Sixth Sense
The Space Program
The Struggle Continues
The Sun God
The Sun God
The Sun God
The Truth
The Unknown World
Thelonius (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2005)
They Say
They Say (Original Version)
Time Travelin' (A Tribute to Fela)
Time Travelin' Reprise
Trash Bags
Traveling Man
Tricks Up My Sleeve
True Love
Two Scoops of Raisins
U Still Got It
U, Black Maybe
U.N.I.Verse At War
Universal Mind Control (UMC)
Universal Mind Control [Tracklist]
Up Up & Away
Verbal Murder 2
Wack n*ggaz
Wake Up Everybody
We Are Young, Gifted & Black
We Can Do It Now
We Can Do It Now
We Can Make It Better
We Do It Like That
What a World
Whatever U Want (Remix)
Wheel of Freestyle
While I'm Dancing
Who Tells Your Story
Why (Remix)
Wishin' (Instrumental)
Wishin' III
Word from Moe Luv Interlude
Wouldn't You Like 2 Ryde
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - Jez Pereira & Madoc Remix
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - KitSch 2.0 & Stephane B Remix
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - Nick Ahrn Remix
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - Nick Ahrn Remix Instrumental
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix
Wouldn't You Like to Ride (S&S Remixes) - The House Moguls Remix
Wouldn't You Like To Ride?
Yelling Away
Young Hearts Run Free
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