Dead Prez Lyrics

Radical Dilemma (2013)

I Hope You Like It (2012)

Illegal Mixtapes 1 (Réédition 2011) (2011)

Turn Off the Radio Vol. 4: Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz (2010)

Live in San Francisco (2008)

Whose World Is This? (2008)

Gutterfly (2007)

Hip-Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape (2006)

La Leyenda (2006)

F.T.P. (2005)

Entertainer's Basketball Classic at Rucker Park Presents: Across 155th Street (2003)

F*ck the Law / When Mama Cries (2003)

Se Habla EspaÑol (2003)

Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape, Vol. 2: Get Free or Die Tryin' (2003)

Red Hot + Riot: The Music and Spirit of Fela Kuti (2002)

A.W.O.L. Vol. 1 (2001)

The Set-Up (1997)


Free The Animals

Slight Modification

Other Songs

"Its Bigger Than Hip Hop” Dead Prez
"What If The Lights Go Out " Dead Prez
"What If The Lights Go Out " Dead Prez” (2)
$timulus Plan
50 in the Clip
A New Beginning
Afrika Hot!
Angels & Demons
Animal in Man
Audobon Ballroom
B.I.G. Respect
Be Healthy
Behind Enemy Lines
Can't Hold Us Back
Can't Sell Dope Forever
Cop Shot
Cop Shot (clean)
Cop Shot (explicit)
Cop Shot (instrumental)
Dawn The Radio Frequency
Dead Prez Freestyle
Dead Prez’s “"What If The Lights Go Out " Dead Prez”
Dead Prez’s “GHN: Global Hood News”
Dead Prez’s “Overstand” (2)
Dead Prez’s “Upload (Begin With)”
Dem Crazy
Dirty White Girl
Don't Forget Where U Came From
Don't Forget Where U Goin'
Don't Hate My Grind
Download (Expand Beyond)
Dry Sex
En tierra robada
En tierra robada (La Leyenda)
Est-ce qu'il suffit d'être Conscient ?
F*ck the Law (Censored)
F*ck the Law (Instrumental)
Fallen Soldierz
Fallen Soldierz
Far From Over
Fear Not The Revolution
Food, Clothes & Shelter
Food, Clothes & Shelter Pt. 2
Fork In The Road
Freedom (The Last Cell Remix)
Freedom Walk
f*ck the Law
f*ck The Police
f*cked Up
Get Ready
Get Up
Get Up
GHN: Elections & Crisis
GHN: Global Hood News
Globalization (Scene of the Crime)
Hard Truth Soldiers
Hell Yeah (a cappella)
Hell Yeah (clean)
Hell Yeah (explicit)
Hell Yeah (instrumental)
Hell Yeah (Original)
Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)
Hell Yeah (Pimp the System) (Remix)
Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) - Explicit Remix
Hell Yeah (Pimp The System) - Real Version
Hell Yeah (Remix)
Hell Yeah (rock remix)
Hell yeah - real version
Hip Hop
Hip-Hop (a cappella version)
Hip-Hop (Censored version)
Hip-Hop (clean version)
Hip-Hop (dirty version)
Hip-Hop (instrumental version)
Hip-Hop (instrumental)
Hip-Hop (Loud Rocks Remix)
Hip-Hop (RBG mix)
Hip-Hop (Real version)
Hit Me, Hit Me
I Have a Dream Too
I'm a African (Acapella)
I'm a African (Clean Version)
I'm a African (Explicit Version)
I'm a African (Instrumental)
If I Fail
If I Fail
Impeach The President
Intelligence is Sexy
Intro Fenomeno
It Was Written
It Was Written (remix)
It's Bigger Than Hip Hop
It's Bigger Than Hip Hop (duplicate)
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop remix) (a cappella)
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop remix) (Censored version)
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop remix) (instrumental)
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop remix) (Real version)
Know Your Enemy
Last Days Reloaded - 1616552
Last Dayz Reloaded
Learning Growing Changing
Life Goes On
Look Around
Look Around
Made You Die (Trayvon Martin Tribute)
Malcolm, Garvey, Huey
Martial Law (Redux)
Mind Sex
Mumia 911
No Way As The Way
Obama Nation (Part 4)
Out In the World
Police State
Punxsutawney Phil
Radio Freq
Refuse to Lose
Riot Starter (Bouns)
Root of All Evil
Runnin' Wild
Running Hot (Bonus)
Scar Strangled Banner
Scared To Die
Scattered People
Sellin' D.O.P.E. (Accapella)
Sellin' D.O.P.E. (Album Instrumental)
Sellin' D.O.P.E. (Album Version)
Sellin' D.O.P.E. (Radio Edit)
Sharp Shooters
Sharp Shooters
Shuffering and Shmiling
Shuffering Shmiling
Soulja Life Mentality
Take Me To The Future
Tallahassee Days
Tear sh*t Up
That War!
That's War
The Awakening
The Game of Life (Score)
The Grind
The Hood
The Pistol (Bonus Track 2)
The Pistol (Clean Version)
The Pistol (Explicit Version)
The Rain & The Sun (Interlude)
These Are the Times
They school
They Schools
This Is Life
Tho It Up
Till We Get There
Time Travel
Time Travel
Touch-1, Touch All
Turn Off the Radio
Turn Off The Radio Vol 4 : Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz
U R Ripping Us Apart
U R Ripping Us Apart!!!
Upload (Begin With)
Upload (begin within)
Walk Like a Warrior
Way of Life
We Need a Revolution
We Want Freedom
What If The Lights Go Out?
When Mama Cries (Censored)
When Mama Cries (Real)
When Mama Cries (TV Track)
Which Side Are You On? (Remix)
Window to My Soul
You'll Find A Way
“A New Beginning” Dead Prez
“Animal in Man” Dead Prez
“Be Healthy” Dead Prez
“Dirty White Girl” Dead Prez
“Discipline” Dead Prez
“GHN: Elections & Crisis” Dead Prez
“Happiness” Dead Prez
“I'm a African” Dead Prez
“Learning Growing Changing” Dead Prez
“Mind Sex” Dead Prez
“No Way As The Way” Dead Prez
“Overstand” Dead Prez’s
“Police State” Dead Prez
“Politrikkks” Dead Prez
“Propaganda” Dead Prez
“Psychology” Dead Prez
“Take Me To The Future” Dead Prez
“The Awakening” Dead Prez
“The Pistol” Dead Prez
“They Schools” Dead Prez
“We Want Freedom” Dead Prez
“Wolves” Dead Prez
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