The Dramatics Lyrics

Supreme Clientele (Canadian Version) (2000)

Do What You Wanna Do (1978)

Dramatically Yours (1973)

No Rebate on Love

Other Songs

(I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes
And I Panicked
Be My Girl
Beautiful People
Been Plotting (Prod. by Dramatics)
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Choosing Up on You
Do What You Wanna Do
Doggy Dogg World
Door to Your Heart
Feel It
Fell For You
Get Up And Get Down
Hey You! Get Off My Mountain
I Can't Get Over You
I Was the Life of the Party
In the Rain
In the Rain (Wise)
In the rain - single version
Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)
Me & Mrs. Jones
Me and Mrs. Jones (feat. Ron Banks)
Now You Got Me Loving You
Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams
Spaced Out Over You
Stop Your Weeping
Take A Deep Sigh
Thank you for your love
The Devil Is Dope
Toast to the Fool
Watcha See Is Watcha Get
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Whatcha see is whatcha get - single version
You're Fooling You
You're The Best Thing In My Life
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