Paul Wall Lyrics

TrillStatik (Deluxe Version) (2019)

Everything Here (2018)

It's a Wrap (2018)

The Legalizers, Vol. 2: Indoor Grow (2018)

#WorkfloVol2 (2016)

DTG Vol. 1.5 (2015)

OVO Sound Radio Tracklists (2015)

Hear Sum Evil (2014)

Settle for Le$, Vol. 2 (2011)

The Final Chapter 2K11 (2011)

Young and Hung... Over (2011)

DJ Khaled Presents: Life of a Yungsta (2008)

The West Coast Blokk Monster (2008)

Blowin' Up (2006)

Minor Setback For The Major Comeback (2006)

Sweatsuit (2005)

The Houston Hard Hitters Vol. 6 (2003)

Get Ya Mind Correct (2002)

Da Mista Masta (2000)

5 Star General

Bobby Booshay

DJ KaySlay & Greg Street the Champions (The North Meets the South)


M.I.B. (Making Independent Bread)

Say I Won't Remix

The Day Hell Broke Loose 2

The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 AKA Major Without a Major Deal

They Can't Deport Us All

Thoed Essays 3: Watch the Latin Throne

Us Killin Us

Other Songs

143 (Remix)
1st time you say no
2 cups
3rd Coastin
About Us
About Us (Up in My Bizness Remix/Crossover Mix)
Ain't a Thang
All Eyes On Me
All Eyez On Me Flow
All Eyez on Me Freestyle
All Gold Everything
All I Have
All We Know
Am What I Am
Am What I Am ( Poppy, Slim Thug )
Aww Man
Back Up Plan
Back Up Plan
Bad b*tchez
Balla Talk II
Ballin' is a Habit
Bangin' Screw
Be Easy (Flow)
Been Goin Thru It
Best Believe
Big Ballin'
Bizzy Body
Bizzy Body [feat. Webbie & Mouse] - Explicit Album Version
Blow Down Cru
Body Moves Slow
Boppers On My Nutz
Bounce Back Flow
Bounce Back Freestyle
Bread On The Menu
Bread Up
Break 'Em Off
Break 'Em Off Remix
Break Bread
Break Em' Off - feat. Lil KeKe Explicit
Buddah Love
California (Texas Mix)
California's Finest
Can't Give U D World
Can't Give U Da World
Cash That I Got
Cash That I Got
Charlotte Intermission
Cherry Pie & OG Kush
Chick Magnet
Chocolate Fe's and Redbones
Chose Me
Chunk Up The Deuce
Cold Cup
Come Around (B-Real Remix)
Come N Go
Come With Me
Commin' Down
Contact High
Cookie Pack
Correct Me If I'm Wrong
Creepin' Through Your Hood
Crumble The Satellite
Cup Up Top Down
Cut Song Freestyle
Cuz I'm Famous
Daddy Wasn't Home
Daddy Wasn't Home (Mama Raised Me)
Dance on the Moon
Dancin' On Ya Grave (Remix)
Dat's What Dat Is
Dat's What Dat Is ( Bun B, Killa Mike, Hawk )
Dat's What Dat's Is
Demons Constant Torment
Denzel Washington
Deuces Up
Diamonds Exposed
Did I Change
Dippin in Da Lac (feat. Paul Wall)
Dippin' in Da Lac
Do Better
Don't f*ck With Me
Don't Spill It
Don't Stare At Us
Down South Hustlers
Draped Up (Album Remix)
Drive Slow
Drive Slow
Drive Slow (A-Trak remix)
Drive Slow (Remix)
Everybody Know Me
Eyes On Paper
Feel Good
Find Me A Freak
Floss My sh*t
Freestyle Air Force Ones Beat
From h-town to Poznań
From The South
From the South (radio)
f*ck A Hater
Game Over
Game Over
Game Over (Flip) Freestyle
Game Over Flow
Game Over freestyle
Get It In
Get Money
Get the f*ck Outta Here
Get Your Paper Up
Gettin Tho'd
Gettin' Money
Gimme That
Go Grind
Got Plex
Got to Get It
Grillz (Derrty)
Han Solo on 4's
Hands Swole
Hard Tops & Drops
Haters Ball
Hatin Season
Headnod - Ode to Houston
Heart of a Hustler
Here I Am
Hit 'Em Up
Hold Up
Holdin, Comin Diine
Holla At Me
Holla At Me
Hotboxin' The Van
House of Pain
How Gangstas Roll
How To Be The Man (Houston Remix)
Hustler Stackin Ends ( Big Shasta, Redd )
Hustler Stackin' Ends
I Ain't Hard to Find
I Get It
I Got Dat Drank
I Got Game
I Gotta Get It
I Grind
I Need Mo
I Wanna Get
I Won't Let U Down (Texas Takeover Remix)
I'm a Pimp
I'm a Playa
I'm Clean
I'm From Texas
I'm From Texas FAKE
I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) 2 -Tha Remix ft Twista, MJG, Too $hort, R. Kelly, Paul Wall, Pimp C
I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper (Remix)
I'm On Patron
I'm On Patron (Single)
I'm Real You're Fake
I'm Real, What Are You?
I'm Run'n
I'm Throwed
Internet Going Nutz
Intro (A Headnod to Houston)
It's Ironic
It's Too Late
Jon Snow
Just Paul Wall
Keep Lookin'
Killin Me
Know What I'm Talkin' About
Lemon Drop
Let It Whip
Let's Get it On
Lick Flow
Lick Freestyle
Lil' Flip vs. Paul Wall
Live From The Block
Live It
Look At Me Now
Love It
Love Song (Remix)
Luv N My Life
Machete (Remix)
Make Dat pus*y Pop
March N' Step
Mattress Mack
Middle Finger
Mind Blown
Money Don't Make Me
Muddy Cups on Sunset
My City
My City FAKE
My Lac on Vogues
My Life
My Life
My Lowrider
My Money Gets Jealous
My Pack Tha Loudest
N Luv Wit My Money
No Angel
No Favors
No Insurance
North 2 Tha South
Not My Friend
OG Slim Thugga
Oh (Slow, Loud & Bangin')
Oh Girl
Oh No
Oh No
Oh No Reloaded
Ol' Skool Pontiac
On My Feet
On The Floor
On the Grind
On The Grind
One Hundred
Ooh So Sexy (feat. Paul Wall)
Paul and Paz
Perfect Team Pt. 3
Pimp Hop
Play Dirty
Playa Made
Playas Roll
Po Up Poet
Po'Up Justice
Pokin' Out
Pop One Of These
Pressin' Them Buttons
Purple Swag (Remix)
R.I.P. Act*
Ready To Ball
Respect My Grind
Rich & Famous
Ridin' Dirty
Right Now
RIP Parking Lot
Roll Hard
Round Here
Run a Check Up
Say I Won't (Remix)
She Gangsta
She Kno It
She Likes It
She Wanna Go
Showin' Skillz
Sip-N-Get High
Sippin' Tha Barre
Sittin Sideways F/ Big Pokey
Sittin' Sidewayz
Skit #2
Slidin' On That Oil
Smoke Everyday
Smoke weed everyday - feat. devin, screwed
Smoke With Cypress Hill
Smokers Unite
Smooth Operator
So Gone (What My Mind Says)
So Many Diamonds
Southside Thang
Squad Goals
Start A Fight
State to State
Stay Iced Up
Step Ya Game Up
Still (N Love With My Money)
Still (N Luv Wit My Money)
Still Bangin' Screw
Still On
Still on It
Still Tippin'
Still Tippin'
Still Tippin'
Sumn' Like A Pimp
Super Duper High
Swang (Remix)
Swangin in the Rain (Muddamix) (Ft. Slim Thug, Lil Keke, J-Dawg, Z-Ro & Chamillionaire)
Swangin' in the Rain
Swangin' In the Rain (Remix)
Take Notes
Tattoos On Her Side
Texas Kool-Aid
Tha Streets
Thangz Are Crazy
That Fire
That's The Way Luv Goes
The Main Event
The Other Day
The Other Day
They Don't Know
They Don't Know (Original)
They Don't Know Flow
They Don't Know Freestyle
Thinkin' Thoed
Thinking of You
This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race (2007 VMA Remix)
Throwed Off
Too Busy Gettin Paid
Top Diine
Top Drop
True (Remix)
Tryin to Get Paid
Tryin to Get Paid
U Already Know
U of H Fight Song
U Owe Me
Wake Up, Get Money
Way I Be Leanin'
Welcome 2 Houston
What a Feeling
What Would U Do
What Ya Know About
What You Been Drankin On?
When I Pull Up at the Club
Who Gives a f*ck
Who Gives A f*ck Flow
Who Wanna Blaze
Why You Peepin Me
Wide Open
Won't Let You Down (Texas Remix)
Work Dat Wheel, Cup Dont Spill
World Series Grillz
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