Xzibit Lyrics

north philadelphia (2019)

The Diam Piece 2 (2019)

2WENTY (2018)

The Reformation G.D.N.I.A.F.T (2016)

Serial Killers Vol. 1 (2013)

The Mushroom Cloud Effect (2013)

CT Experience (2007)

Classic Material (2004)

Hood Politics II (2004)

Breathe (Single) (2003)

Bones (Original Motion Picture Houndtrack) (2001)

3 Strikes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2000)

Reelizm (1998)

Beats & Lyrics (Industry Hip Hop Compilation: Issue One) (1997)

The Lawhouse Experience, Volume One (1997)

The Rapsody Overture: Hip Hop Meets Classic (1997)

Cali Kings Mix Tape Vol. 1

Dillinger & Young Gotti

DJ Rabz' Mixxx

Game Don't Wait (Remix) - Single


L.A. Confidential Presents... Knoc-turn'al

Soul Assassins: Intermission

Streets Is Mines

Underground Tapes Vinyl EP (Limited Edition)

We Run This, Vol. 6

Z-Biscellaneous 1998

Other Songs

(Hit U) Where it Hurts
(W)e (A)re (R)eady
1983 Remix
2 Killaz
25 To Life
25 to Life (Life Soundtrack)
2TWENTY (Freestyle)
3 Card Molly
8 Mile: The Lunch Truck Battle
A Great Day in Hip-Hop
A Minute to Pray
Aids is Gold, HIV is Platinum
And We Run
Arch Angels
Ask About Me
At the Speed of Life
Average Joe (3 Beat Blend)
Aw, Here It Goes (Mashup)
Aww sh*t!
Bacc 2 L.A.
Back 2 the Way It Was
Banned From Tv
Bar Code
Been a Long Time
Best of Things
Beware of Us
Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory
Big Business
Bird's Eye View
b*tch Ass n*ggaz
b*tch Please
b*tch Please
b*tch Please II
BK to LA
Black & Brown
Blow Yo Mind
Boom Bap (Remix)
Brains Out
Break Yourself
Breathe (Original No Rap Version)
Breathe (Rap Version)
By My Side
Cali Kings
California Vacation
Callin' Out Names
Carry the Weight
Central Booking
Chamber Music
Children of the Ghetto
Choke Me, Spank Me
Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
Chronic Keeping 101 (Interlude)
Cold World
Cold world - xplicit album version
Concentrate (San Quinn Remix)
Crazy Ho
Crazy ho - xplicit album version
Criminal Set
D.N.A (Drugs-N-Alkahol)
Dancin' On Ya Grave (Remix)
Darkness Falls
Day of the Dead
Deadly Assassins
Dem People
Desperate Man
di*kies & Bandanas
Diss (Jermaine Dupri)
Doctor's In
Don't Approach Me
Don't Aproach Me
Don't Believe you
Don't Hate Me (Interlude)
Don't Let the Money Make You
Don't Ya Dare Laugh
Dos Equis
Double Time
Down for the Count
Down For The Count
Dying 2 Live
E Lucean Le Stelle (A New Style of Living)
End of the World
Enemies & Friends
Enjoy The Night
Eyes May Shine
Eyes May Shine (Remix)
Family Values
Fight the Power
Fighterz (Ja Rule Diss)
Figure It Out
Forever A G
Forever You Wont
Free Style Ghetto
Freestyle #17
Freestyle Ghetto
Front 2 Back
Fruit Punch
f*ck With Us
f*ckin' You Right
f*cking You Right
G's Iz G's (Remix)
Game Don't Wait
Game Face
Gangsta Gangsta
Get Away with It
Get f*cked Up With Me
Get it Up (Remix)
Get Your Walk On
Get Your Walk On (Fredwreck Remix)
Get Your Walk On (remix)
Getcha Groove On
Giraffe pus*y
Goin Back
Grand Opening (Interlude)
Grindin' Freestyle
Handle Your Business
Handle Your Time
Heart of Man
Hey Now
Hey Now (Mean Muggin')
Hey Now (Mean Muggin) - Clean Album Version
Highest Form of Understanding (H.F.O.U.)
Hit & Run (Part II)
Hit and Run
Homage to Dre
How To Rob A Gook
How You Livin'
Hurt Locker
Hurt locker - main
I am the n*gga
I Came To Kill
In Gotti We Trust
In My Face
In the Sky
Inside Job
Invade My Space
It's Goin' Down
It's Not A Game
Jalisco Medicine
Jermaine Dupri Diss
Judgement Day
Judgement day - xplicit album version
Just Maintain
Keep it G.A.N.G.S.T.A.
Keep it Movin'
Keep it Movin' (Edit)
Kenny Parker Show 2001
Killer's Remorse
Killin' It
Killin' It
Last Call
Last Words (Interlude)
Legends Never Die
Let it Be Known
Let It Rain
Life Or Death
Likwit Connection
Likwit Rhyming
Likwit Rhyming
Live from L.A.
Living Tha Gangsta Life
Lolo (Intro)
Loose Cannons
Loose Cannons
Loose Cannons
Loosing Your Mind (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Losin' Your Mind
Loud & Clear
Louis XIII
Make Y'all Bounce (Anti Garanti Remix)
Making Your Money
Man On The Moon
Meaning Of Life
Meaning of life Remmmmix
Missin' U
Money Don't Make U Rich
Movin' in Your Chucks
Mrs. Crabtree (Interlude)
Multiply (remix)
Multiply (remix)
Muthaf*cka - xplicit album version
My Life, My World
My Name
My Name
My Name (duplicate)
My Writes
My Writes
No Hand Out
Nobody Sound Like Me
Nuthin but a g thang cover
Off the Handle
On Bail
People Up On It
Phenom - Main
Plastic Surgery
Platinum Patron
Poppin' Off
Poppin' Off
Positively Negative
Prime Time
Prime Time
Prime Time
pus*y Pop
Ram Part Division
Real Talk (1, 2, 3)
Recycled Assassins
Release Date
Represent (Album versie)
Represent (Video versie)
Rework the Angles
Ride Or Die
Right Here (Remix)
Right On
Rimz & Tirez
Roll On Em
Rollin' (West Side Remix)
Sadat X & Xzibit
Saturday Night Live
Save me cover
Say it to My Face
Scandalous b*tches
Scent of a Woman
Scent of a woman - xplicit album version
Shroomz Pt. II
So Good (Featuring Xzibit)
So What
Some L.A. n*ggaz
Some of 'Em
Something More
Sorry I'm Away So Much
Spit Shine
Spread It Out
Stand Tall
State Of Hip-Hop vs. Xzibit
State Of The Union
State of the union - xplicit album version
Step Up
Step Up
Str8 West Coast (Remix)
Symphony in X Major
Symphony X Major
Thank You
The Anthem
The Foundation
The Gambler
The Game Don't Wait (Remix)
The Hard Way
The Hardest
The Hardest Mutha f*ckaz
The Last Night (Intro)
The Mad in the Game (Madden 2001 Theme)
The Music of Business
The Next Episode
The One and Only
The Recipe
The sh*t
The Streets (Remix)
The Wake Up Show
The Watcher(Remix)
The West Coast Cypher
The Whole World
The Wild Life
The X (Y'all Know the Name)
Things Fall Apart
Three Emcees
Throw It Like It's Free
Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
Tom Green FreeStyle With Xzibit
Tough Guy
True Homies
U Can't f*ck With Me
U Can't f*ck With Me
U Know
U Know What's Up (Rap Remix)
Up Out The Way
Wake Up Everybody
We Livin Gangsta Like
We Livin Gangsta Like
Welcome to California (Remix)
What a Mess
What Do You Believe In? (Remix)
What It Is
What U See Is What U Get
What U See Is What U Get
What We Do
What You Can't C
What's the Difference
What's The Difference (Unreleased Version)
Where Da Paper At
Wild Pitch
Xzibit and Tash Freestyle
Year 2000
Year 2000 (remix)
You Better Believe It
You Better Believe It
Your Hood
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